Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Monetize Your Social Media and Online Brand

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of the internet?

There are an overwhelming number of approaches 

being taught about monetizing what you know online.

 And, every successful approach boils down to three simple elements:

(1) something to offer;

(2) an audience who wants it; and

(3) consistent (not hype) marketing.

Get these basics down, build from there.

See this video on how to combine your social media efforts
with your writing expertise.  

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How do you USE social media for business?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't get it Twisted, Been talking Podcasting, Blogging and Web 2.0 for a Long time. [Video]

Now, there are a lot of "social media experts" out there.

A lot of them are a "self-proclaimed" and a lot are just pretenders.

Not judging. I'm just saying.

As a 20-year marketing communications professional/publicist,
I know how to "engage" to get attention of an audience.

That's what I do, that's what I've done. That's who I am.

So naturally, social media was "easy" for me.
I know how to market a message and connect with 

Did that make me an "expert?"


What makes me qualified to wear the label:
Expert, Guru, Coach, Trainer, Specialist...
is that I have credentials and media recognition
as such (Black Enterprise, Gospel Today, Radio One,
The Word Network, Divine Magazine, Rolling Out, etc.)

And not just Mickey Mouse credentials.
I paid big money and got the "real deal"
training. Took a lot of courses and read
tons of books. Way, before it was the
"popular thing" to do. 

I have put in the hard time to study, learn,
and get the knowledge and actually
Walk the Talk. (My social media 
accounts speak for themselves).

But, the main thing - is that it is my
career: marketing communications.
I am a PAID professional.

This aint no hobby! 

Social media is just a "NEW" media
that I had to learn to stay relevant and on top
of cutting edge techniques to take my clients

Besides, I have also been paid to
teach, blog, speak on social media marketing
and hired to deliver socialmedia marketing campaigns.

From campaigns of major movies
like The Secret Life of Bees to
major authors like T.D. Jakes.
(We did his first online press 
conference in 2008).

I say all this to say: My heart has 
always been to help others "get it."

I especially want small businesses,
churches, authors, speakers - and those like me
(Baby Boomers who happen to be
African American) to MARKET
THE MESSAGE. To get out there.

To be the "superstar" there were
meant to be. My mission now is 
to help other SHINE online.


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Only if you're serious and want to learn step-by-step from the "experts." 

Those who show up, go up. You ready?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Social Media Day is June 30 [Video & White Paper] and Live Event in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Why and How to use social media for marketing

 When is “like” as potent as love?  The answer  -- when you leverage Facebook to build outreach.  Facebook is only one of countless social media marketing and digital promotion possibilities.

June 30, 2012 is Social Media Day and it’s significant for a myriad of reasons.  It’s a day to recognize and accept the digital revolution.  

Never before in the history of the world has the individual had the power to communicate, immediately connect, engage the global community as a singular person, build a business or even spark an uprising!  

The 2011 Arab Spring revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East were engineered through citizen-centric computer and cellular-phone technologies that streamed web video and social exchanges.

However you don’t have to spark a revolution to influence public opinion.  You can attract new business, increase revenue or build a strong brand by taking yo your first step on your social media journey.  It can begin June 30, 2012 on Social Media Day.
The social media train is here. 
It’s time to board before you get left at the digital station.

 It’s easy to navigate your way when you have the right experts to guide you. 

  Baby Boomers, authors, speakers, ministry leaders, coaches, non-profit professionals LEARN THE BASICS OF SOCIAL MEDIA and ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING IN ONE EASY HANDS-ON SESSION. Go here to register:



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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pam Perry cover story on Divine Magazine

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