Monday, June 28, 2010

Oprah Winfrey wants to know, "Do YOU have What IT Takes?"

 It's all about the BRAND.  
And YOUR Networking Skills. Do you have IT?
Oprah Winfrey:
Last Week to Browse and Vote 

It’s amazing.  Everyone wants their “15 minutes of Fame.” Their shot to super stardom. And The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) offered that opportunity.

It’s one of the best run promotions I’ve ever seen.  WOW! (see below) It inspired me!

It had folks coming out from everywhere trying to get their own TALK SHOW. Some of these folks I didn’t even know knew my name, let alone my email –managed to be BOLD ENOUGH to ask for a “vote” on their video. It brought out the PR PERSON buried deep inside them. They learned how to toot their OWN (no pun intended) horn.

At first it was cute. Sure, I’ll support. I’ll go on the website and vote for you. I watched the video and did my bit.  Then I was getting like a request every other day from someone new – then I was getting like five requests a day.  Most were from people I really knew and considered them a friend or at least someone who we have had a conversation with. I knew they had the capacity, ability and desire to be a talk show host. We've chatted about it - and they even had a bit of a platform.

But it got bad when I was getting “personal” requests from people who clearly didn’t understand the concept what it takes to be an OPRAH media person or "celebrity.” A celebrity-status person is one that is “celebrated.” A person who has a FAN BASE.  A person who knows how garner support and build a team.

The "IT" factor is not just going to come forward because Oprah had a video contest.  "It" had to be there already;  it's a classic case of preparation meeting opportunity. 

I don’t think Oprah would want folks on her Network if they don’t know how to network

So, if you think you’re ready for OPRAH – think again.  It starts in your own backyard – and builds from there.  The Golden Rule always applies – treat others the way you want to be treated.  We reap what we sow. Don't ignore folks all year long - and then expect them to "vote" for you.

The winner of the OWN Talk Show Host Contest  – will not only be someone who is good on camera & has creative ideas – but someone who truly cares about PEOPLE. (And not just trying to be famous).   

Take a cue from Oprah. She set out just be serve PEOPLE not use them – that’s why she owns OWN.

 Trust me. It's going to be a person everyone loves not because they were so "good" on camera - but because they treated people right along the way - and will continue to do so even if they don't get their OWN show.

 These ladies have "paid" their dues - they are ready.They have something to share FOR REAL! They are friendly, caring, kind and giving. They are encouragers of my "projects," have poured into my life and I support them without question.  They have tons of people they support and pour into too...that's why they get support.   We reap what we sow.

Pam's FAV FIVE for the OWN Show:

1. Dr. Stacia Pierce

2. Melinda Emerson

3. Dr. Gail Hayes

4.Michelle McKinney Hammond

5. Francina Harrison


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can You “Like” a Sista on Facebook before you Try to Sell Me Something?

 It is the year the Social Media frenzy.  Nothing new really. I did my first blog post in 2004. So, it’s been around awhile and smart marketers are using it properly by engaging their audiences and delivering value – and in return receiving business. That’s a good thing.

Then there are those who heard about “facebook, twitter & blogging” seems like just these past six months and have jumped on the bandwagon like maniacs. Making themselves look like a scene from the TV show  The Beverly Hillbillies driving from the Hills to Los Angeles – just wrong and clueless. 

They don’t know the etiquette. They are frantic and furiously spamming folks.That's a bad thing.

Here is an example of what someone put on my facebook wall.

 I wrote this book to change your life. Price: $15 plus $2 UPS

Ok, it’s probably a nice book. But really, do I have to know the price AND shipping? Did I missed something? This is the first time I heard from this person and they are publicly going to pitch their book?

What did they did wrong:
  1. They didn’t engage. How about they “like” a sista first?  Put a "like" on one of my posts. Comment on a blog note. Attend one of my events. Listen to a podcast. Develop a relationship first……then post something on my wall. Get to know me and I get know you and we SHARE. 
  2. They put  the price of the book out there. I don’t know even about the book to really even want it and you tell me the price?  Plus shipping?  Kinda rude – a quick way for me to “unfriend” you because it shows you only want to make a sale!
  3. Networking is about LISTENING. Was I looking for a book like this in any of my posts? Why does this person think I would want this book? Or do they just know I have folks looking at my page – and this is a way to SPAM?

What could he have done:
  1. Have a review written and post that link on my page
  2. Shot a video of himself talking about the book & posted that from youtube
  3. Sent me a private message and asked me to look at his book for REVIEW and possibly do a review on my blog or amazon or just ask for a consultation (I am in the book business).

Brian Solis, the author of “Engage,” talks about best practices of social media engagement. 

Here are some of my favorite Social Media “Engage” Rules by Brian Solis:

1.      Discover all relevant communities of interest and observe the choices, challenges, impressions, and wants of the people within each network.
2.       Assess pain points, frustrations, and also those of contentment in order to establish meaningful connections.
3.       Become a true participant in each community you wish to activate. Move beyond marketing and sales.
4.       Don’t speak at audiences through canned messages. Introduce value, insight and direction with each engagement.
5.      Don’t just listen and placate — act. Do something.
6.       Consistently create, contribute, and reinforce service and value.
7.      Establish and nurture beneficial relationships online and in the real world as long as doing so is important to your business.
8.       “Un-market” by becoming a resource to your communities.
9.       Give back, reciprocate, and recognize notable contributions from participants in your communities.

But as I always say, people would do better, if they knew better. Get the book ENGAGE!  Read it and until you do keep those fingers of that keyboard that make you want to spam my facebook wall – or you’ll make me “unfriend” you.

Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rebrand. Reposition. Reinvent. PR 2.0 - Engage!

Comments? (gives you googibility!) Try it! 

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top 10 Book Promotion Strategies

Get Out There!  Kit

A recent survey by a national book marketing firm reveals that authors and publishers are anxious to leverage the benefits of social media marketing as they promote their books in the coming months.
According to Dana Lynn Smith, author of "The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Successful Social Marketing" Nearly all - 94 percent of the respondents - said they plan to promote their books with social networking and other social media this year. 
"Online book promotion through social media is clearly a popular strategy," says Smith, a book marketing consultant. "But, it's important that authors and publishers learn to use these new book promotion tools effectively."

Here are the top 10 book promotion methods that authors and publishers plan to use in 2010:

1. Social networking and social media: 94 percent
2. Blogging: 84 percent
3. Seeking book reviews: 75 percent
4. Seeking testimonials and endorsements: 73 percent
5. Press releases: 68 percent
6. Ezines or email marketing: 62 percent
7. Radio and television talk shows: 62 percent
8. Speaking or teleseminars: 60 percent
9. Article marketing: 57 percent
10. Book signings: 56 percent

"Despite the emphasis on online book promotion in 2010, more traditional activities like book reviews and radio interviews are still important," explains Smith. "An effective book promotion plan should use a variety of online and offline tactics for the widest reach."

Of the 136 people responding to the book promotion strategies survey, 42 percent are independently or self-published authors, 25 percent are authors published by a traditional publishing house, 12 percent are aspiring authors, and 21 percent are publishers or others in the publishing industry.

For book promotion tips, visit The Savvy Book Marketer blog, click here.  Subscribers to Smith's complimentary newsletter, The Savvy Book Marketer, get a copy of the Top Book Marketing Tips e-book when they register for the newsletter at by going here.  

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Harness the Power of Facebook to sell more books

Harness the power of Facebook to sell more books

pam perry facebook
Social networking sites like Facebook are a terrific way to promote your book, but many authors don’t optimize their Facebook profile or venture beyond their profile. Here are six ways to effectively promote your book on Facebook:
1. Take full advantage of the promotional opportunities on your Facebook Profile. Just below your photo is a small box where you can enter a concise description of what you do, including the title of your book.

The About Me box (under Personal Information) is a good place to describe your book and your business. In the Contact Information section you can enter multiple website addresses. Post your book cover in your photo album or another application and display it in the left column of your profile.

Remember, your Facebook profile must be registered in your real name. If you create a profile for your book or business, you risk having your account canceled.

2. Facebook Fan Pages are similar to personal profiles, but they are created for business use. You can create a page to promote your book or your business, or even create a page for one of the characters in your novel. People join a page by becoming a fan.

You may want to offer an incentive to join (or at least visit) your fan page, such as a free download, a coupon for one of your products, or a contest. Another way to attract fans is to set your page up as an information hub, offering links and resources.

3. Facebook Groups are a great place to meet people who share your interests and find new friends. Search for groups by entering keywords in the Search box at the top of the page and then clicking on the Groups tab. You can gain visibility on a group page by introducing yourself on the wall, participating in discussions, and posting your book cover, photos or videos.

Forming your own group is another good way to subtly promote your book. Be sure to encourage discussions and offer valuable information such as free downloads and links to resources. You can send direct messages the entire group.

4. Joining relevant Facebook Events is a good way to get visibility by writing on the event wall and posting photos. In addition, you can subtly promote your book and yourself by promoting your own live or virtual events through a Facebook event.

5. Facebook displays pay-per-click ads on most pages on the site, and ads can be targeted by age, gender, location, education level, relationship status, or keywords in people’s profiles.

6. The Facebook Marketplace is a free classified advertising area where you can post a listing to sell your book. It’s worth an experiment if you have a book on a topic that someone might search for on a classified advertising site.

Dana Lynn Smith is a book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides. For in-depth information on how to promote your book through Facebook, see the Facebook Guide for Authors at

Article Source: 

pam perry

Harness the power of Facebook to sell more books

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Media Tip: News Releases versus Press Releases

Sharing more good stuff to help your BRAND better. Here is a great piece from one of my "PR Pro" pals.  She knows marketing. Media writing (news releases/press releases/media alerts) and pitching are the basics for effective PR. 

Get free media leads:    
Read and heed. 

Press releases have been around since sliced bread, if not before. But, they just might be a dying breed. Why?

If you've been keeping up on the news, then you know the newspapers are in trouble.  They're losing readers, and editors and journalists alike are working harder for less pay.  What's this got
to do with you?

If you're submitting a press release for your business it means it has to be really, really special to catch their attention, and even more special to actually get page space.

Even for public relations professionals, that can be hard to do. And although I have experience getting press for companies from the NBA to local based businesses like you, I want to introduce you to the simple beauty of the news release. For small businesses, writing and distributing a news release can be much more effective than a press release.

News Release Vs. Press Release: A Comparison

A news release is like a traditional press release. The only real difference is

1) the use of keywords to gain SEO (search engine optimization - a.k.a findability online) and

2) the distribution.

I say 'only' but these simple differences add up to several benefits.

Benefit #1: You Get Access to a Wider Audience

Press releases are sent out to magazines and newspapers, where you have to develop a list of journalists and then grovel and plead to get it published.

News releases are much more versatile.  Yes, you can send them to magazines and newspapers.  But, you can also distribute them online, which means they get seen by journalists, producers, bloggers AND your potential customers.  You can reach a much wider audience because you have more options.

Benefit #2: You Accomplish More Goals

Not only do news releases give you access to a wider audience, but they also contribute to your company's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because you're using commonly searched keywords in the text.

In other words, when someone visits Google and types 'Dallas groomer'  they may see your press release on the first page, allowing you to potentially get media coverage (like a quote for an article on dog summer care) AND sales (by someone new to the area looking to get a
good groomer for their fur kid).
Pretty cool,  right?

Benefit #3: You Get More Bang for Your Buck

One key to news releases is the distribution. And there are many services that do this for you, some paid, some free.

So imagine you paid just $80 for one news release, but it got sent to 1000+ media professionals including reporters, bloggers and journalists. Using this medium you would have paid less than 8 cents per lead!

What's more is that you can also post the release on Facebook, put it up on your website, send it to your email list...virtually blast it all over the internet to be received and get found by the people
looking for you and your story.

With a standard press release, know where your options are? The inbox of whatever editor or journalist you send it to.


Because of a news release's flexibility, you get to use various venues that all help increase your visibility and awareness. Which, you guessed it, helps drive traffic to you (online and offline).

So , will news releases ever take the place of traditional press releases? Probably not.  But, it doesn't really matter either way.

What does matter is how news releases and press releases can help your business.  And between the two, I've come to the conclusion that for local businesses wanting to leverage their presence online, news releases are THE way to go.  You get a wider audience, more benefits, and more exposure making it a win-win for everyone.

So your job this month is to write up one news release about your business.  Got a new location you want to tell people about? A new product for the upcoming summer season? Find something
your customers would want to know about and start spreading the word.

For those of you needing some help, stay tuned for my Visibility Marketing Program (Can You 'See' Me Now?) coming this fall or set up a free 30 minute Get To Know You session to learn more about our press and media
About Désirée

Désirée H. Young, MBA has been dubbed the "Marketing Maven" and featured for her small business advice in publications including Home Business and Black Enterprise Magazines. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana; Désirée is the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of VentureWalk Business Partners, a forward-thinking business development company that takes a no-excuses approach to successfully developing, reinventing and expanding businesses and the entrepreneurs that operate them. As an in-the-trenches advisor to small business owners and groups that serve them, she helps local ventures grow into national enterprises. Get access to her free ezine, the Business GPS, along with a free 60 minute audio and template on planning for success here.
Désirée also offers teleclasses, in-person training and keynotes to organizations that target small businesses and non-profits who want to grow or expand into different markets, add new products or services, or change the way they conduct business for the better. Learn more now at

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Creativity is sparked by both conscious intelligence and subconscious

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Building a Brand on a Shoe String Budget & resources to help you GET OUT THERE!

Branding on a Budget can be a good thing for CREATIVITY!
By Teresita Glasgow
(guest blogger from Atlanta)

Can you build a brand on a shoe string budget? Absolutely! All businesses begin with a mental image of how they want to be perceived in the marketplace, the only problem is that in most cases that image cost much more than a start up organization can afford. In His Season, Inc and Teresita Glasgow have used the following cutting edge and frugal strategy toward branding for name recognition and image appeal.

Do whatever you can In-House.
We chose to do many things in-house by making use of the skills, talents and abilities that God has given us. With a few low cost tools and templates we built our websites, blogs and social networking sites to reach our audience. We also out source when necessary.

Use technology with ferocity
Don’t be afraid of technology! Have an adventurous attitude when it comes to getting your message out. We have a multi-media platform that includes an e-newsletter, a BlogTalk Radio Show, and a YouTube Channel. Our audience is able to be fully engaged with us everyday.

Be Touchable, Teachable and Rememberable
We consistently use the same logo, photos and identifying graphics and we have free give away products. We interact and consult with other small business owners and authors and we attend and participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars.

For more information about Teresita Glasgow and In His Season, Inc. visit:

TERESITA  is a PR Boot Camper Grad and a Chocolate Pages Network member!

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Beyond blogging to BRANDING - Author Workshop with Pam Perry, PR coach

FREE WORKSHOP Author Seminar - 
Ministry Marketing Solutions Presents...... and featuring best-selling authors Kim Brook and Ty Adams

Speaker – Ms. Pam Perry , PR Coach & Social Media Expert
Plus best-selling authors: Kim Brooks and Ty Adams
(signing books and discussing their writing careers)
Date: Saturday, June 5 from 1 to 3 pm
Dicksons Bible & Bookstore
13743 Woodward Ave. - Highland Park

How to Build Your Author Platform
to have Massive Sales once the book is released!

Will discuss in this FREE seminar:
1. How to leverage social media
2. How to garner book buzz & PR
3. How to brand like a superstar!

Join Multiple Essence Bestselling Author, Ty Adams
Black Expressions Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks,
and one of the most highly sought after PR Coach's
for the African American Christian Market, Pam Perry, 
for a FREE Writers' Workshop
This Sat. June 5th!

When:                           This Saturday, June 5th, 2010

What time:                  1pm - 3pm

Where:                         Dixon's Bible and Bookstore
                                      13743 Woodward Ave.
                                      Highland Park, MI  48203


Ty Adams, Evangelist, "Sex"pert, and Internationally
acclaimed multiple Essence Bestselling author of,
Single, Saved and Having Sex (
and, Married and Not Having Sex

Kim Brooks, Licensed Minister and Black Expressions 
bestselling author of the novel, He's Fine...But is He Saved?  
its sequel, He's Saved...But is He for Real? nonfiction book,
The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints and newest 
advice book for singles, How To Date and Stay Saved


Pam Perry, Publishers' Weekly calls her the "Christian Book PR Guru,"  
The Detroit Free Press calls her a "Marketing Genuis" Pam Perry, 
an author (Synergy Energy and 115 PR Tips to Branding your Ministry)
and PR Coach who promotes Christian authors to help them 'market the 
message,' has worked with clients such as TD Jakes, Bill Winston,
Stacy Hawkins Adams and tons more (including Kim and Ty) and 
she has also interviewed, on her online radio show, Chocolate Pages
gospel giants such as Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams on their new books.  

With "those who show up go up" as her mantra,
Pam is a true testament to how faith without works is dead 
and if God has given you a message or is birthing a book
through you, then it's up to you to learn how to effectively
and successfully get it "out there" to the masses.  (

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