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God and Social Media by Sheila Thomas

  “In 2010, 84 million Americans accessed the Internet through mobile devices, and this number is expected to double by 2014.”  In addition,   “In a few years, smartphones, netbooks and tablet computers will be the primary means of accessing the internet…”  

These statements come straight out of the book, “Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm,” by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon.   

While I have used my Android phone extensively, since I bought it during the spring of 2011, I believe that I am one of those that could have easily been left behind.   I say this because I was one of the last people I know (besides my mom) to acquire a cellphone of any kind.   However the reason I upgraded from a tiny cellphone that only functioned as a phone, to my relatively new LG Optimus Android, was that I suddenly had a desire to stay connected with the rest of the world at all times, via social media.  What better way to do so than to purchase a smartphone?

            Believe me, I have come a long way!  As a current MBA student at Lawrence Technological University, taking management information systems, I am constantly being reminded of how far we have come, especially those of my generation, who were babies during the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, who have been forced to keep up with the changing times.

            As a Christian, I have often sat in awe, thinking of the times we are living in, and of how easy God has made it , for us to spread the gospel throughout all the earth.  Think about it – we don’t have to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to spread the gospel to all the earth.  We don’t even have to spend lots of postage, mailing tracts to people in other lands.   If we do things properly, we can spread the gospel throughout all the earth from the comfort of our home or office through the Internet and social media.  I truly believe that if the Body of Christ does not get it, then we could be left behind.   What a shame it would be for the Body of Christ to miss the opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the extent that God wants us to.
Pastor Andre Butler
            So I wanted to get the thoughts of a few leaders and business owners in the Body of Christ, to see what is really going on in the area of God and social media.   Pastor Andre Butler, senior pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan, said it best when he stated, “The attributes of a good leader are to learn to listen to those around you, to surround yourself with those who are smarter than you.  When we humble ourselves as a leader, we can enable others to teach us.”   Butler stated that by doing so, a leader can learn what to do to stay ahead of the game.  He has even considered offering social media classes to his members.  “We want our members to reach out to the world around them,” he stated.  “If they are not connected, that can limit their reach.”   Butler went on to state that there are mainly two types of churches using social media – those who do outreach, and those who are either a part of the younger generation, or are listening to what the younger generation has to say.

            While listening to the younger generation is key to knowing how to reach them, adjusting to their methods of communication is also important.  Dr. Ken Gadd, owner of Gadd Business Consultants in Dearborn, Michigan, Pastor of St. James United Church of Christ in Casco, Michigan and professor of marketing at Lawrence Technological University, stated “We as people of faith need to adjust to the times and the communication methods to reach the target markets that use these methods.  If you’re going to stay in the loop, you have to adjust.  If your target market is using social media, it’s not their job to adjust.  It’s our job to adjust to how we reach them.  If I want to go to France, I need to learn French.   If that’s the audience that you want to reach, you need to adapt and adjust.  Butler agreed.  “If you want to reach our youth, you have to use social media,” he said.  “Paul said to become a Jew to the Jews and a Greek to the Greeks.”

            LaTanya Orr is owner of Selah Branding and Design LLC, a graphic and web design company in Detroit, Michigan.  She encourages her clients to use social media.  In regards to reaching our youth, she stated, “You definitely have to reach them through this technology.  That is how they are being inspired.   That is what they are using.   That is what they know,” she said.  “There are kids that can run circles around me on the computer.  The youth have adapted to technology and social media.   We would be crazy not to use this medium to reach them.”  Orr went on to describe how an 18-month old can easily move and rearrange images on and Ipad.  “When she is 18 years old, technology will be even more advanced,”  she  said.  “What are you going to do?  You have to move forward.  You can’t be left behind.”

Pastor George Davis Jr.
            Pastor George Adams Jr. of After Christ Christian Center in Detroit, Michigan, agrees.   “We are definitely in a different time,”  he said.  “At one time, our youth were captivated by rap music and now it is social media,”  he continued.  “What the church has to do is to be creative and look at not just where we are, but where we are going.  We cannot be behind.   We must look ahead,” he said.   “We need to use these tools to reach the youth.  The enemy has the intent to pervert these tools, but the real intent is to use them to spread the gospel.”

            Pam Perry, owner of Ministry Marketing Solutions, in Farmington Hills, Michigan, agrees that social media and technological tools can be used in the wrong manner.   “There are a lot of bad things on the web,” she said, “but the whole point of all media –from a bullhorn to television to the radio, is to reach the people with the Message.”   Perry, who has helped business and churches across the nation with their social media strategies, stated  that “In Matthew, the Bible says to ‘Go ye into all the world.’  It is part of the Great Commission,” she continued.  “What faster way to spread the gospel?” 

            “However,” Perry said, “People can get distracted if they don’t know the purpose and if they don’t have a strategy.” 
Pam Perry, Social Media Strategist

            We all know of the distractions that Facebook and other social media can provide if we do not take control while we are using it.   

 “Some people have been on Facebook so much, they had to close their page, “Orr said.

 “It can be too distracting if you are not disciplined,”  Adams said.  “I don’t use social media as a diary, or as a sole medium to express myself,”  he said. 

Butler stated that social media has provided a new kind of distraction to those attempting to keep a balance between time spent with God and time spent on other daily activities.

Kim Schott, owner of Schott Cultural Consulting in Shelby Township, Michigan, admits that social media can be distracting.  Her advice to those who are addicted to social media is to “Get their faith out of Facebook and their face in the Book.”    Schott, a Constant Contact business partner, continued, “What it comes down to is that they need to loosen anything in their life that is causing wrong feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Social media has to be one of those things they loosen.  They need to bind themselves to the attitudes and patterns of Jesus Christ.   Ironically, Schott, who teaches her clients how to use social media tools, says that she has fasted from social media.  “I dedicated a digital fast and a food fast for God,” she said.   “For professional and personal reasons, I needed to, so I could hear from God, and the only way the answer was going to come was by meditating on His word for 24 hours.”

            According to Schott, there is a way Christians should be utilizing social media.  “People who are non-believers will recognize believers by our fruit,”  she said.   “They should see some fruit on our social media pages.”

            One needs only to look at their Facebook friends to see that different members of the Body of Christ use social media in different ways.   “As believers, we have to be careful not to abuse social media and use it for the wrong purposes,”  Adams said.   “One way to expand our sphere of influence is through social media.  We have to be careful that we are not using it in a selfish mode.  We need to be asking God how to use the social media to better able us to spread the gospel.”  

            Perry would agree.  “It’s an extension of your light,” she stated.  “Make sure you are shining your light, and people will find you.  Concentrate on the message, and people will find you.”  The idea of being a light to the world is the best way to describe how the Body of Christ should be utilizing social media.  “God created social media ultimately for his purpose,” Butler said. 
Pam Perry at Social Media Swag Event 

 “We are a light to the world around us and we ought to be lights, both individually and collectively.  We need to look at social media through God’s eyes.  When we do, we will not only enjoy it, but ultimately, we will be helping Him spread the Word.”

Sheila Thomas is Editor and Publisher of Prayer and Praise Magazine

Go here to read entire magazine:
God and Social Media by Sheila Thomas

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Happy Birthday Jesus featuring Portia Lockett of anSpire [Video Debut]

Happy Birthday Jesus featuring Portia Lockett of anSpire
Happy Birthday Jesus featuring Portia Lockett of anSpire

God has given me multiple dreams over the years and this was my year of completion.
Happy Birthday Jesus was birthed in 2001 and I shared it with a few close friends and family.

So in 2012 every assignment that God placed on my heart that was incomplete, I had to finish it.

The assignment for Happy Birthday Jesus was to  share the story the way God gave it to me and then GET IT OUT THERE on youtube and give people the opportunity to see and feel the passion of the birth of Christ.

I had never written a song let alone sang lead on production.

I always felt comfortable singing background with harmony.. But when God wants something to happen He puts you in a place of stretching you. Being out of your comfort zone really allows God to use you. I feel that this is the beginning of something great for me and anSpire Ministries.
God bless you,
Portia Lockett
Tweet me and let me know
how you like the song.
Available on
Portia Lockett
P.S. Hear Portia this Sunday on WMXD 92.3 FM on Frankie Darcell's show.
And just TODAY, Mary Mary (Erica and Tina) retweeted her video blog
and said, "Awesome!!!"   Woo Hoo! God is awesome!! 
P.P.S. You want your DREAMS to come TRUE too? See 
get out there too. 
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,
saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil,
to give you an expected end. Jer. 29:11

Happy Birthday Jesus featuring Portia Lockett of anSpire - YouTube

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PR Boot Camp Testimonials for Pam Perry, PR

Get in where you fit in:

Friday, November 30, 2012

Get Out There Kit Reviews

I always train and teach authors about the power of testimonials and endorsements...So, I am taking my own advice. 

It's not so important what I say about how wonderful a program is
--- it's what others here goes.

Before purchasing Pam Perry’s “Get Out There Kit” I had no idea how to market my book or my ministry. I had boxes of books, stacks of business cards and flyers with no one to sell or market to because I didn’t even know who my target audience was. When I say I had no knowledge of what I was doing, I didn’t even know what a blog was or why I even needed one. I thought Facebook was for people who didn’t have a life and being on Google was for major corporations only.

Even though I was embarrassed by my lack of knowledge Pam came highly recommended and I was willing be uncomfortable to Reign in PR and social media. Pam taught me how to brand myself, how to niche myself and I am now known as the “Reign in Life, lady!”  After the 4 week PR bootcamp and signing up for personal coaching, I learned about press releases, how to get on television and radio, how to write articles online and off  line. I’ve learned how to start my own radio show, my own online television show and How to get book reviews, how to set up my blog and market it via social media.

I’ve learned how to get speaking engagements and so many other things there is just not enough time to tell. All I know is that my life and ministry will never be the same, people all over the world will know that God has called them to Live Their Dreams, Achieve Their Goals and Reign in Life, because I signed up for Pam Perry’s Get out there bootcamp!

Shelita Williams, Minister, Motivational Speaker & Author office: 888.688.2427

I was a bit stuck on how to keep marketing my book. I felt I had done all I knew how to do.

I bought the "Get Out There Kit" and am trying fresh new things that I am really excited about. I feel what I am doing now will really help me get out there more aggressively.

 I have been following Pam Perry for a few months now.

 As a result, I feel a lot more empowered to sell more books. Lot's of AHA moments for sure.

 And now I’m on a mission to get more books out there, and to share more aggressively the message God has given me to share with the world. My book is called "Inspired to Action" How following the promptings of your heart can change the world.

Rebecca Pratt, 
Non profit Business website:

I first saw Pam Perry in 1995 at the Blacks in Advertising Radio TV Career Conference (Pam was the President).  Around 2003, I met Pam at the a seminar for the Detroit Chapter of Blacks in Public Relations.  I have listen to Pam's podcasts and teleseminars periodically over the years.

I purchased her 115 PR Tips to Brand Your Ministry and attended her seminar on Marketing the Message for Ministers around 2006.  In 2008 I attended Pam Perry's Social Media seminar where I began to learn some of the basics in the new social media field.  This week I received the "Get Out There" Kit which is a treasure chest full of sage advice from a dedicated PR professional.  I have gone through a portion of the kit and can't wait to read and listen to the rest of it. 

I've been following Pam for about 6 years even though I've known of her since 1995.  I have given Pam's 115 PR Tips booklets to other entrepreneurs and have referred clients to Pam's seminars and resources. I did a 5 part video series on Pam last year using Pam's videos and I created a Blog post "What Do President Obama and Pam Perry have in Common"; since they both have admiral leadership qualities.

 As a result, I have increased my marketing and PR skills and I now most of my work consists of  e-mails, using the major social media sites including.  Pam stressed that one must Blog and use video with their communications.  I must say I use Blogging on almost a daily basis which more often than incorporates a video either as the message or to enhance the message.  I have earned additional income by providing some of my Artistic clients with their marketing and/social media needs to "Get Out There" with their Artwork.

During the 2012 Presidential election; I dedicated a good portion of my time using social media, blogging and e-mailing to inform, educate and motive others to become engaged and take constructive steps seeing through the Fog of Campaigning and "Getting the Word Out" about President Obama's message.

I know that my contribution using the skills I learned from Pam Perry made a difference in the re-election of President Obama. I’m now honing my platform "Build Your Own Economy" to empower other to create their own economy instead of relying solely on a corporate careers.My photo is attached.  My site is: which is an umbrella to my various sites and social media sites.

Thank you so much Pam!

Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

PS:  My About.Me umbrella was recommended by Pam Perry.

Stepping out on faith I purchased the “Get out There Kit" to access the expertise and helpful resources available to me. As a result, I have a renewed commitment and determination to nurture my gifts and publish additional works. And now I’m actively pursuing my writing career and expanding my ministry.

 Rev. Dr. Laverne Whitehead Reed
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God's Got It. Get to this Detroit to Revive and Recover

People are looking for jobs, who is looking for GOD? 

Start with Prayer. Don't give up. Pick up your DREAMS

and carry on. 


See too

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New Pam Perry PR 2.0 & Platform Building Boot Camp Online: Go Get IT!

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A Christian Author's Inspiration - Nobody Greater [Video]

This song has such a powerful message. It's not new, but it's the song that made Vashawn Mitchell a household name, and although he's released other songs since this one which was on his debut CD, none of them have been quite as impactful (for me) as "Nobody Greater."

This has been one of my absolute favorite gospel anthems since its release. I was listening to it just as I was closing out my writing assignments for the evening, and I thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy, be blessed, and know that whatever it is that you're looking for in life, you can find it in JESUS. There is nobody greater!!!

From one of my favorite authors, Kendra Norman Bellamy 
Pam Perry and Author Kendra Norman Bellamy
Best-selling Author of 22 Books, Kendra Norman Bellamy and me

Kendra Norman-Bellamy is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida, but spent most of her formative years in south Georgia.

In 1988, Kendra married Jimmy Lee Holmes and later gave birth to their two daughters, Brittney LaKendra (b. 1989), who is also a national bestselling author and Crystal Charmaine (b. 1992). Following Jimmy's death in 1995, she later married Jonathan Bellamy. Kendra began writing poetry as an elementary school student, but did not recognize her gift as a writer until 1999 when she journaled the lingering heartache of the loss of her first husband.

 Shortly thereafter, she penned her first fictional manuscript, For Love & Grace, which received rave reviews when it became her freshman published novel in 2002.

She has appeared in a number of televised programs including a featured appearance on BET's Lift Every Voice where she was interviewed by the show's creator and former host, Gerard Henry.


In addition to her own writing, Kendra is the founder and president of KNB Publications LLC, an independent self-publishing house that produces the works of up and coming writers of Christian based fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

She is also the founder and organizer of Cruisin' For Christ, an ongoing Caribbean cruise that celebrates Christian artists and artistries and the visionary of The I.S.L.A.N.D. Movement, a motivational ministry whose name is an acronym for "I Shall Live And Not Die."

Her debut novel, For Love & Grace was self-published in 2002. The book was re-released in 2004 through BET Books. Norman-Bellamy gained national bestseller status when her third release, Crossing Jhordan's River (Moody Publishers/May 2005), peaked at #1 on Essence magazine's Best Sellers List for paperback fiction.

The majority of her works have been produced through three large book publishers: Moody Publishers (Lift Every Voice imprint), Kimani Press (New Spirit imprint), and Urban Books (Urban Christian imprint).

For read up on another one of my favorite authors, client and colleague, see - Dee Stewart, rest in peace Dee. 

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Vickie Thomas, Media Veteran, talks about the Importance Social Media to Get PR

Pam Perry's Marketing 2.0 CD and ebook

NEW CD from Pam Perry:

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  • How to Get on the First Page of Google
  • What are Keywords and How to Use them
  • How to create a video fast and free and upload to Youtube
  • How to set up a blog and frequently update it easily
  • Social Media Power Tools & Techniques for ongoing success
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[ Inspirational Video] Winners Never Quit: Basic Training by George Adams Jr.

 The old saying, "Quitters never win," is not just a saying. It is a fact. Learn how to persist and you will reveal to yourself and the world that you are a winner.

Like AC3 on facebook:

Many people give up too quickly. And it is for that very reason, they experience little success. Winning in life is not a matter of fate, chance or luck. 

Rather, it is the result of learning and living by specific principles, principles which are from time memorial, and just as true today as they were when they were first written and given to mankind by the Creator of the universe.

Each of these principles are in The Holy Bible. And even though many inspirational and motivational speakers may not want admit it publicly, it is a proven fact that Almighty God is the One Who instituted the principles which guarantee success, and a life of lasting value.

One of these principles is a major key to winning in life, and that is the principle of persistence, staying with a project or goal until you get what you are after. 

Sounds simple, right? And yet, this is where most people are defeated.

 The old saying, "Quitters never win," is not just a saying. It is a fact. Learn how to persist and you will reveal to yourself and the world that you are a winner.

How can we develop the ability to persist and persevere? 
Here are some things we can do:

1. Ensure that your goals are not opposing the Will of Almighty God, and that they will not bring harm to mankind. You cannot carry out a plan that is offensive to God or that hurts people, and experience true success. Your seeming, but temporary success will prove vain and short-lived. Evil will always catch up with the person involved in and deceived thereby.

2. Ensure that your goals are workable, and that you have placed the order of the steps you need to take to get to your goals in proper sequence. If your goals look too hard or impossible to carry out, it will over-whelm your mind and you will find excitement leaving and fatigue setting in. Your mind will get dis-interested and unfocused, because your plans are not set properly, or thought out well enough.

3. Realize that hard times and times of disappointment will come. That comes with the package. And to be honest with you, the hard places are where character is developed and brought to maturity. Difficult situations or people will either make the man or woman out of you that you need to be to handle the level of responsibility which comes with success, or will stop you dead in your tracks from pursuing your goals and dreams.

4. Keep the picture in front of you of your goal fulfilled or realized. Just keep imaging what your life can and will be like when you have reached your mark.

5. Seek the advise of informed persons who may be able to give you some wisdom. Make sure the person you ask for counsel is successful and speaking to you from his or her wealth of experience.

6. Pray. Remember that the Lord promised He will direct your path if you acknowledge Him. Yes, there is a God. Get acquainted with Him.

Article Source:


See and
get connected. Read the tips there too! 

Leesa Renee Hall: Is Your Faith Keeping You Broke?...

 Hear the interview with me and Leesa Renee Hall  
on the topic of "Is My Faith Keeping Me Broke?"

...Let's get real here. We're being called to shine our light in the marketplace...BUT many of us are broke, busted and disgusted!  

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  • The 5 steps to help you become mask-free and reach your biggest goals
  • How to be of "Service from the Stage" without over-giving
  • How to use personality typing to attract people who want to give you money
  • The 2 destructive mentalities that prevent abundance from flowing in your life
  • The top 3 reasons why you're struggling with selling
  • Why prospecting is, and always will be, the foundation of success
  • How to secure media attention WITHOUT using a press release 
  • What is a Sales Strength Profile™ and how it will help you feel more confident in sales
  • How to use the power of music to break free of obstacles holding you back from your sales success
  • The #1 reason why Light Bearers are so critical to the marketplace today
  • The true purpose of marketing, and why "attraction" doesn't work
  • The drastic steps you need to take to improve your sales
  • The power of spiritual selling and how to use it to manifest exactly what you want
  • The 3 ways to benefit from your blessing
  • The 3 P's to discovering your faithfully rich niche
  • And much more!

The host of the Faithfully Rich Breakthrough Series, Leesa Renee Hall, is bringing together bestselling authors, success coaches and international speakers to share these tactics with you.  

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on the topic of "Is My Faith Keeping Me Broke?"  

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Pam Perry, speaking

Pam Perry, speaking
Originally uploaded by pamperry1

PR 2.0 and Platform Building Bootcamp
(LIVE online)

Listen, if you’re serious about becoming a best selling author, increasing speaking engagements, or you want to get your message heard without spending thousands on a publicist, then this is your best (and most affordable) way to quickly get the training and resources you need.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pam Perry Excited about Anointed Pen Conference [Video Interview]

Aspiring Authors Convene in 

Detroit at Greater Grace Temple

Fourth Annual Anointed Pen Christian Writers Conference &
Book Awards Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eighty-one percent of all adults in the U.S. want to write a book, according to, a book industry research website. But only less than ten percent actually start the book project, and only half of that group actually finish and publish their book.

“Everyone wants to write a book. People dream of creating a masterpiece,” said Venus Mason Theus, founder and conference host of the Anointed Pen Christian Writers Conference (APCWC), which is being held again at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple, 23500 West 7 Mile Road. The two-day event will be on Friday evening, September 28 and during the day on Saturday, 29.

“It took me ten years to write my first novel, so I completely understand. There are tons of reasons why we should write a book – and tons of excuses why we can’t. But I want to help aspiring authors, particularly Christian writers, publish. It is possible, especially with today’s technology, to publish in less than 30 days. It is not as hard as people think.”

Mason Theus, who is also the president of the American Christian Writers Detroit chapter, says these are the top reasons why people don’t write a book:
1. I don’t have the time
2. I don’t know where to begin
3. I don’t write well enough
4. I don’t have the support
5. I don’t have the money
6. I don’t know the mechanics of publishing
7. I don’t know how to get people to read my book

“Everyone has a book inside of them. As a Christian, I firmly believe it is a responsibility to share positive messages with the world and be a light. There is an alarming disparity in the disproportionate number of faith-based titles that are released today in comparison with the number of secular books.

“But we are called to spread the message of hope. And writing inspirational books or at the very least, telling our testimony, is what our mission is all about. We are to be scribes – just like the writers of the Bible were. And, you know, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time – yet Christian authors lag in the book publishing arena today,” said Mason Theus.

Driven by a desire to change the state of Christian publishing, Mason Theus launched the Annual Anointed Pen event, which has attracted more than 300 attendees over the four years since its inception. 

See the conference video here:

“We have great speakers and workshops to help demystify writing and publishing books by showing people how to plan and execute writing projects for publishing success, said Mason Theus.

“We want to empower people with the right tools, information, contacts and role models so that they can write their masterpieces. We will have writing exercises, expert advice and plenty of encouragement.”

Besides helping writers get the right mind-set and motivation about publishing, the conference will cover:
1. How to Promote Your Book with Speaking Engagements
2. Writing and Marketing Children’s Books
3. How to Create and Sell eBooks
4. How to Identify and Maximize Your Productivity
5. Writing for the Teen and Young Adult Market
6. How to Go from Manuscript to Marketplace
7. How to write a Memoir
8. How to write a play
9. How to go from a Blog to a Book

Added this year is the Literary Thought Leaders and Book Awards Luncheon. There is a call for nominations for the best books in the fiction, nonfiction genres to win an Anointed Pen Book Award.

The community can make their nominations for the Anointed Pen Book Awards by going here: The deadline to submit nominations is the end of August.

Also new this year, is the Master Class with Essence best-selling author Kendra Norman Bellamy. She has penned titles such as More Than Grace, Because of Grace, A Love So Strong, Thicker Than Water and Crossing Jhordan's River.

In addition to writing novels, Norman-Bellamy is also founder and president of KNB Publications and a motivational speaker, traveling the globe to teach her signature 4-part aspiring writers series, "The Writer's Cocoon" as well as workshops on how to succeed as a Christian author.

“Those with a desire or who feel God nudging them to publish a book need to come to this event to learn to step out and just write. Our conference is part inspiration, part information and all good. We have planned the APCWC to jump-start or revive your writing projects and become a published author,” said Mason Theus.

To register for the conference or to get more details call, 
Venus Mason Theus at 313.389-6739 or go to

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Brand Online Like A Superstar

The Turning Point Telesummit for Entrepreneurs

On August 23, Pam Perry "Message Strategist"  shared "How to Brand Like a Superstar Online".
Thursday, August 23 at 7pm CST

You'll discover:
  • How to Brand Your Business, Book or Ministry Online
  • How to Create an Online Following that Creates Buzz
  • Which Social Media Channels YOU should use
  • How to Find & Build your "TRIBE" and Create Customer Evangelists
  • How to Get on the First Page of Google
Pam Perry works with emerging and best-selling authors, experts and entrepreneurs. Her special focus includes the African American Christian market (AACM). She is an award-winning social media strategist and speaks, writes and coaches on marketing, branding and public relations in the age of Twitter and Facebook.
Connect with Pam at
After the interview, don't forget to share your "ahas" on our Facebook page. Share the life-changing gems and nuggets you've received as a result of participating.

Can't make the call live?

The replay will be available online for 24 hours after the interview ends. Just use this link to listen.
Telesummit Speaker Schedule

Thursday, August 23 at 7pm CST/8pm EST - Pam Perry
"How to Brand Like a Superstar Online" 

Listen Online Here
 Follow #turningpoint on Twitter

Go here to sign up
for future telesessions:

Tuesday, August 28 at 7pm CST - Vasavi Kumar
"How to Create an Epic Breathtaking Life"

Wednesday, August 29 at 3pm CST - Scott Schilling
"Without Customers... Ya Got Nothin'!"

Wednesday, August 29 at 7pm CST - Dr. Will Moreland
"Being Genuis in an Average World"

Thursday, August 30 at 7pm CST - *Surprise Guest*

See too and join!

How to Market (and grow) Your Ministry

  Digital Evangelism: Get Connected 

- and Let your line SHINE

Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, yes! Go ye into the world wide web!

The Internet is a tool for ministry.
The  Internet is a mission field.
The Internet is an effective way to reach people.

Listen to the podcast below on how to market and promote your ministry, your message, your platform.
A ministry’s communications efforts should be ongoing – successful online communication requires sustained effort, commitment & consistency over time.

Via email marketing and social media, Keep your brand in front of all members & prospects to keep them excited, encouraged, informed and your friend.

 An e-mail newsletter is a great way to show what your ministry has to offer, demonstrate your expertise, make you look established and professional, and keep your brand top of mind

 Note: Don’t spam, always get permission. Use something alike aweber

E-mail marketing can reinforce your other media efforts--or stand on its own--to draw in an audience.

 Click to listen to this podcast

Poem by Bishop Lyle Dukes from the book “Possessing the Kingdom Anointing”

 Procrastination is a thief that steals precious time. 
It robs your potential breeds slothfulness of mind.
 It cheats you out of experience that could lead to great success.
 It takes away your challenge to pass every test. 
Oh, how many people who should be anointed,
 powerful and great, but could not fulfill the call because they procrastinate.

 James 1:22 says, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only…” 

See too and join!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to be a big brand that attracts a flood of customers

Get your FREE report here:

Here are some things you must have if you want to be considered to play in the big league with the big boys:

  1. A track record. Most authors think that if they could just be interviewed on a major network when their book is released – they would set them up for major sales. Listen, a new book is not news.  A good TV producer is not looking for the “new kid on the block” to present to their viewers, they want to score a guest that has some STAR power. A guest that has some juice; some awards; someone who has a following and people want to watch.  So, this means you must start small, start local and then you can progress to regional and national.  This takes TIME.
  2. A good internet presence. If you think just having a website is enough – think again. Everyone has a website. You must prove to the media that you have an online following and dominate the search engines in regards to your expertise.  If you say you are an “expert” – the media’s proof is to see whether you show up on page one of Google when they put in that query about the topic. If you don’t show up at all. NEXT. So you must know SEO, have a blog, some Facebook fans, Twitter followers and so on.
  3.  A concise, professional media kit. This is the hub of your information. But wait, don’t just throw together a press release, bio and some jpeg photos and call it a day. Think this through. Make this a tool that the make the media go “wow.” Meaning, there is no searching for answers, or searching for photos, or searching for video clips, or searching for current key facts or links.  This is a living document that you keep on your website under a tab called “Media Kit” or “Press Kit.” But make it stand out and make sure your contact info is there and you are available 24/7 for the media. So, yes you must put a mobile there or your publicist’s mobile number there.
I am a PR Coach & Social Media Strategist delivering amazing ONLINE BRANDING & fabulous MARKETING SOLUTIONS for best-selling authors, nonprofits and seasoned entrepreneurs. My team provides online branding strategy & marketing solutions using social media and internet marketing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Get MAJOR Publicity

Brand like a superstar!

Want to be interviewed on top TV shows like CNN, 48 Hours,
ABC's The View, Fox News and the Today Show?

Would you like to get written up in major national
publications like Newsweek, Health, Redbook, Time,
Family Circle, O the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur,
People, INC., Parents or the New York Times?

Today I'm writing about a unique chance to get more
publicity in America's biggest media outlets by attending
Steve Harrison's National Publicity Summit, October 17-20
in New York City, a one-of-a-kind conference where you'll
get to personally meet more than 100 top journalists and
producers and pitch your story to them, one-on-one and

To ensure everyone gets enough one-on-one time with
the media, Steve is only admitting 100 attendees, so
go here now for the details or risk missing out:

All the above media were represented at previous
Summits and Steve expects most to return, along with
journalists and producers from many other top national
TV shows, radio programs and big-time print media.

Having a face-to-face meeting with an editor or producer
dramatically increases the chances they'll write about
you -- or put you on their show.

When you grab your info packet, you'll see some of
the results Steve's previous Summit attendees have gotten
including how:
* Ron & Lisa Beres were booked on the Today Show.

* Steve Shapiro was the subject of a big story in
"O the Oprah Magazine" after meeting the writer
at my Summit.

* Lauri Loewenberg appeared on both ABC's The View and
Good Morning America.

* Jim Vonmier got on the CBS Evening News and Early Show
as a result of the training and contacts we gave him.

* Kelly McCloskey used what she learned to get booked
on Oprah.

* Barry Spilchuk was interviewed on Fox News Channel within
just five hours of meeting the producer at the Summit!

* Sandy Clemmons got written-up in Health Magazine, Money
Magazine and TV Guide -- all from meeting journalists
face-to-face at my Summit. Even better she says since
attending her royalty checks have gone up over 700%!
* and many, many others!

Again, only 100 attendees will be admitted and the
early registration discount goes away after 6:00 pm EST
on Friday, August 3rd, so if you're interested in attending
go here now:

Go get it,

Pam Perry, PR Coach


Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert shows you how to Get out there!
Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert shows you how to Get out there!
See too and join!