Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chocolate Pages Interviews Demond Wilson, TV Star, Author, Minister

Demond Wilson is known to millions around the world from starring roles in programs such as, "Sanford & Son" (NBC), "Baby Im Back" (CBS), "The New Odd Couple" (ABC), and "Demond Wilson and Company" (BET Network).

Demond also starred in the long running TV series "Girlfriends" on cable TV. He's also starred in a number of Broadway, and off Broadway roles. His films include: "The Dealing" (Warner Bros.), "The Organization" (Sam Goldwyn Studios), "Full Moon High" (Indie), "Me & the Kid" (Indie) and "Hammerlock" (Indie).

Demond accepted the call on his life in 1983 when he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, and across America. He formed Restoration House of America in 1995, for the rehabilitation of former prison inmates across the racial divide. Demond has written eleven children stories and his book "The New Age Millennium" is in its second printing. He has written two screen plays titled "Nat Tyler Freedom Fighter", and "Bay City Blues," and has also written a sitcom titled "Hawkins for the Defense."

His latest book is titled "Second Banana: The Bitter Sweet Memoirs of the Sanford and Son Years." Demond is currently starring in a film titled "Faith Ties."

Hear him on the Chocolate Pages Show with Host Pam Perry.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Social Media Marketing: Making a Good First Impression with Internet Graphics

Post by Guest blogger and the creator of my "magazine cover" on the left - Dawn Papandrea-Khan. I love her work! Met her on twitter via Willie Crawford. Social media connections!  Plug into your social media connections too and work YOUR synergy energy. Thanks Dawn. Here's her article:

The most important aspect of any website or blog, when it comes to design elements, is whether or not you are making a good first impression. Catching the attention of your visitors is crucial.

If you have something that you would like to promote or sell, it is important to come up with creative ideas that will draw potential readers and buyers in. And since many of you, who have internet businesses, may not have the opportunity to meet in person with your clients, your best bet is to create and use eye catching internet graphics that will make a good first impression.

Internet graphics can be anything from a custom optin box graphic, website or blog header, an Ecover design, a button ad, or even a social networking icon. These graphics are seen all over the internet. They paint a picture for us about a particular website, blog, book, or even product.

Here are a few ideas that will help you incorporate internet
graphics that are sure to make a good first impression:

Eye Catching is Better than Boring – Catching the attention of your visitors, clients, or potential buyers is extremely important. If your biggest focus is to build your list and gain subscribers to your site or blog, then you definitely want your optin box area to pop on the page that people land on. You can do this by adding a colorful background or border. Or you can also hire a professional graphic artist to design something special that will work specifically with the design of your site. Here is an example:

As you can see, the optin box has been custom designed to match the site’s header incorporating the colors and logo. And when you enter the site, you immediately see the optin box right at the top.

Make your Purpose Clear – First time visitors may leave your site in a hurry if they cannot quickly and easily determine what the site is about. In just a few seconds, your site or internet graphics should communicate why your reader should spend their time or money there.

A website or blog header is a great example of an internet graphic that can be used to paint a picture of what you, your site, and your product is all about.

A header graphic should include the basic title and tagline as well as logo or images that would best represent what the site is all about. The header above is for a toddler nutrition site. As you can see they have all the necessary design elements which in turn makes the purpose very clear.

(sample from

Keep it Simple – Many times, people try to put too much into one website or graphic. This can be a turn off. The last thing you want is to turn someone away because your site or internet graphics are cluttered or busy. The layout and design should never distract from the content. There should be a flow to both. This is where a professional graphic designer comes in. They can help you decide what would work well visually. Keeping things simple will depend on elements such as wording, font style, colors, size, etc.

Add Visual Interest – Internet Graphics are all about visual interest and appeal. Just like a logo design, they can help a person recognize a website, company, or brand. Wording is important in a graphic, but sometimes the image will leave an even bigger impression. As humans we are extremely visual. Just think about all the times you have seen the yellow McDonalds arches or the Nike swoosh, we automatically know who it is. This is the same for graphics and logos that we see on the internet. It is important to tie in that visual appeal into your internet graphics.

For instance if you have a Ebook that you are working on that ties in with your website. Take the design elements from your site and bring that into the Ecover design. Here is an example:

So, as you can see, the header and the actual Ecover carry the logo image which tie it all together nicely. These types of things are very important in adding visual interest.

When a visitor stops by your site for the first time, what do they see? What grabs their attention? Do you have an eye catching header? Is your site clean and attractive? Is it engaging and informative? Is your purpose clear? The best way to find out the answers to these questions is by having a few people critique your site and your graphics. Be open to constructive criticism, because in the long run you want your site and your graphics to be the best that they can be.

Hiring a professional graphic designer can make a huge difference. Custom designed graphics can give you just the push you need to make your site, business, or product look it’s best. You would be surprised at how affordable it can be as well.

If you are interested in graphic design work, DPK Graphic Design would be happy to help you with your next project. They specialize in custom website & blog headers, ecovers, logos, twitter backgrounds, button ads, and so much more! Their prices are very reasonable and they work one on one with their clients to come up creative and inspiring designs. Be sure to check out their extensive design portfolios and do not hesitate to contact them today!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Tips On Getting Media Interviews and Paid Speaking Engagements

Build a Platform - Get Paid to Speak

1.Write and promote a book.

The best way to validate yourself is to write a book about your expertise. If done professionally, you will find that this leads to tons of publicity and speaking opportunities. Even better, consider writing an e-book and giving it away for free. (see

2. Start a blog.

Starting a blog is a great way to promote yourself. Use your blog to regularly express your opinions and insight. Soon enough, you will be highly respected for your intellect, and will be a prime candidate for radio talk shows. A free blog can be established at or

3. Write columns.

Regularly writing and distributing columns to the press wil get you front placement in hundreds of newspapers. If your columns are intriguing, people will remember you and you’ll become in –demand. Be sure to mention in your tagline that you are a public speaker, include your contact info and web site.

4. Get professional headshot.

Before someone hires you as a speaker or invites you onto their show, they will likely want to see a professional photo of you. Because they may not personally know you, this is their means of determining whether or not you are… well, professional. A good photographer will only charge you about $100 for this.

Here's a good sample of a head shot with some "personality" - Evangelist Ty Adams,
author of "Single, Saved and Having Sex"

5. Get listed on and

These web sites are excellent directories to have your profile listed on. Hundreds on journalists and meeting planners use these sites to find possible candidates. The cost to be listed is just $200 -$250 a year, but you can make 5-10 times that from just one paid speaking engagement. Excellent SEO too!

6. Just ask.

Don’t wait for an invitation. If you are interested in speaking at a specific event, just ask the people in charge. You may not be paid the first time, but perhaps the second time around they’ll budget for you. See

7. Stay in contact.

Knowing the right people can be very helpful in getting speaking engagements and media interviews. Attend networking events and establish new contacts. From time to time, follow up with them. Remind them of that you still exist.

Dante Lee is the founder of Diversity City Media, a multicultural marketing empire.
Visit his daily blog at

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PR Boot Camp Graduate Grateful for the Training - Ready to Win at the Social Media Game!

A "Pam Perry PR Boot Camp Graduate" Tells about her Experience

Dear Pam,

You are truly a "Gem"..."Rare and Priceless!" You were absolutely called to do this! God tailor-made you to teach others how to most effectively market their books.

The information you shared will be of great benefit as I brand myself as a successful author. As I apply the tools you provided I feel confident that I have adequately been prepared to navigate social media to get massive online exposure, prepare my press kit, promotional PR plan and get speaking engagements.

The PR Boot Camp was fun, enlightening and everything I was hoping it would be. You really taught me how to define my target market and why that is so important.

You essentially gave complete campaign strategies to successfully sell books and so much more!

You are a gift to the Body of Christ. I expect great things! Thanks for your guidance and generosity of knowledge!


Empowerment Coach and Successful Home Business Owner
Cheryl Green "C Money"

Pam Perry PR BootCamp Graduate

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Media is Easy When You're a Nice Person...Kindness Matters!

Take the Time to be Kind - Live to GIVE.
Thanksgiving should be everyday...not just when you want to be in the media.

My friends, Stacye and Rev. Angelo Henderson of Radio One

Recently a friend said, “Thanks for remembering me.” Her business had just recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. I didn’t make the celebration but I did call to say, “Congratulations.” Taking the leap of faith to go into business is worth celebrating and to be around after a year calls for an ovation.

Another friend just emailed me because I had missed several events that he hosted. “Did I offend you?” the email read. Becoming installed as a pastor is a really big deal. Holding services requires support of friends.

But sometimes we are just so busy. We feel as if our feet can’t move fast enough – we need roller blades.

When is there enough time? Between working, taking care of the family, home maintenance and making sure your body, mind and spirit are nourished – I don’t have time to even retrieve my voice messages.  Now I must "tweet" once in a while the twitter followers who are following me! LOL! But voice mail AND the land line and the cell phone is tough.  Messages are in both places!

Maybe I should band the voice message system. Just go with Caller-ID. Might make my life simpler. Or I could leave a message like this:

“Hi, this is Pam. Isn’t life just a speedway? Don’t get upset, offended or take it personal if I don’t call you back. Just pray for me – I’m doing the best I can.”

Can you imagine what it is like for the media? Whew.

Life without friends is miserable. But not having time for friends is sadder still. No one should be this busy. Relationships are critical - networking is important. Keep the "social" in social networking.

Everyone wants to be remembered. Don’t forget to be kind – there’s always time for that. Thank the Lord you have friends – and take time to tell them “thank you” for being there. 

Thank the media this year during the holidays. Send them a card. (more about that later). Quit hawking them like they "owe" you and be kind to the media. They are nice people when you really get to know them. They're just busy like eveyone else - well, maybe a little bit more busier because they have constant PUBLIC deadlines. Tweet them a note at least or join their fan pages. :)

Thanks for joining mine!  I am grateful to have so much love...that's what's really important.

See too and join and make some friends!

(get his book) :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Personal Branding Step One: Buy YOU. Get your own Domain before someone else does.

You need to own or a website that aligns with your  BRAND in some way. I have and (by the time I figured out I needed to my own domain/URL - someone else had it) Oh well, so I did the next best thing.

Tip: Depending on who you are, you MUST either start a website or blog or have someone else do set this for you.  

Those who blog will have a stronger presence than those who don’t because blogs rank higher in search engines and lend more to your expertise and interest areas over time. (Plus you get comments back)

My next blog will talk about Personal Branding Step 2 Social Media Profiles like twitter, facebook, etc. (but you need a blog first - and get first)