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Free book marketing tips, tools and resources

Build a database.
This is hub of your platform. Make sure you build an email database and regularly communicate with them via an email newsletter. Drive traffic to your website/blogsite from your social media sites and capture their email addresses by offering a “free” gift that is representative of your brand. This should be a free gift that is so convincing of your expertise that they will stay connected to you over time and eventually become a “raving fan.”

FREE PR resources: - pr tips - journalist connections - online marketing - press kits - online press kit - articles - internet marketing

Learn about self-publishing and how the book industry works. I have had writers come to me and tell me their "publishing nightmare" stories. They talk about how printers or subsidy publishers took advantage of them.

Yes, there are companies who will swindle you. But, if you are well-informed, it will lessen the chances of someone ripping you off. Don't rely on one source for all your information. Use Google and do some research! You must do your due diligence.

Know where to get an ISBN, how to get national distribution, where to find a cover designer, typesetter, printer, etc. Ask other self-published authors what they've done and how it has worked for them. Follow the leaders. Do what they did to achieve success.

Study what Kendra Norman Bellamy, Stephanie Perry Moore, Marilynn Griffith or Kim Brooks have done. Most authors have their "publishing testimonial" on their website or offer publishing tips to new authors. Read their advice - you can learn from mistakes or from mentors. Mentors are cheaper.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Open Letter to Christian Writers: Social marketing is not a fad – it is here to stay

I just want to know ...

Venus Mason Theus, President, ACW/DETROIT

Guest post by Venus Mason Theus

How bad do you want it?
We're already at the half way mark for 2011!  Now is the time to evaluate the goals you set back in January.  Are they written down? Have you been tracking and tweaking your goals? Do you have a vision board or goal poster in sight?

I challenge you to set aside at least 30 minutes to evaluate your progress within the next 72 hours.  You will probably be surprised to find that you've already completed some of your goals. 

It is important to recognize that any increment of achievement brings you closer to success so celebrate yourself accordingly.  For example, if you've set and reached a goal of writing 1000 words per day - three times a week, reward yourself on the third day with something that is brings you pleasure, but also equates to the level of the achievement. 

mocha cocount frapp
Completing a chapter is quite an accomplishment, but you wouldn't want to throw a party in honor of Chapter 3.  Instead, maybe you could treat yourself to a Starbucks 
for example.  You be the judge, but if you find that you're over celebrating, or not celebrating at all...  Breathe, rewind and regroup.

I'm sure you've heard about successful authors who shut themselves up in a cabin in the woods with a babbling brook and trees filled with song birds outside their window.  They write these epic novels  followed by multiple book deals, TV appearances and a mega product line. Believe me, they are the exception, not the norm.  But that's no excuse.  Even though you and I live relatively ordinary lives, we can still be inspired to write extraordinary books. 

A lot of the time inspiration can be found right under our noses:

People Watch
No matter what age, social status or ethnicity, inspiration can come from simply observing God's greatest creation - human beings.  The setting can be a trip to the gym, a wedding, a concert or a little league game.

Take a walk beside a local body of water or ride a bicycle on a nature trail.  Have an impromptu picnic lunch in a park.

Instrumental music in particular can evoke emotions, clear the cobwebs of your mind and allow your creative juices to flow.

Enter Contests
There are a number of organizations that sponsor contests for writers of all genres.  There isn't much more inspiring than knowing that you might win a cash prize for doing what you love, not to mention the national and sometimes international exposure you can gain.  Writer's Digest  is one among many trade magazines that sponsors writing contests.

Read, See a Movie or a Stage Play
I'm not certain if it is professional envy or simply a desire to get my works "out there" but whenever I see a good play or read a great book I'm inspired to dig in and get back to work.  You have to be careful with that though because there are so many good writers out there that you could spend time being entertained when you should be writing.

The Greatest Inspiration
What inspires each of us is almost as unique as our fingerprints  I say almost because at least one common source of inspiration for a Christian writer should be Jesus.

Spend time in His Word, or surrounded by the splendor of His creation. You don't have to travel far to marvel at something He has created because He is the Father of creativity.  And since we made in His image and after His likeness, we have His characteristics - His DNA.  Knowing that is inspiring!

Get Connected to Stay Inspired
bob ivory's book signing
Book Launch for Power Up by Bob Ivory

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17

It is a proven fact that people assimilate those they spend time with so if you're going to take on characteristics of anyone else, it might as well be someone who has aspirations similar to your own. 

Take Advantage Current Resources
The best catch phrase of the new millenium is "you can't reach an iPod generation using 8-track methods."

8 track

With all of books, videos, trade magazines, newsletters, workshops, conferences, and webinars available to just about everyone, there is no excuse for a gifted writer like yourself to be stuck in the dark ages. 

Sign up for memberships and purchase downloadable tools.  Try new software, aps/programs and attend workshops so that you can consistently maintain a current skill set. 

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21 Keys learned from "What Every Author Should Know" audio and eBook

I love it when people "get it" and they are inspired. 
I love seeing the "AHA Moment" on the faces of authors that we coach.   That's pure joy to me.
 That's the purpose of Ministry Marketing Solutions: providing practical and easy to implement marketing solutions to those who are mission-minded and purpose-filled about their business, brand, book or ministry!

Here is an email from an author who just had their very first contact with us via our PR Power Pack mp3 and ebook.  Her take away from that FREE Pam Perry PR Power Pack:


  • Information is utterly important.

  • Confess our goals and dreams to help make them a reality

  • Preparation is necessary.

  • Believe for the best no matter what it looks like and don't allow anyone to stand in my way

  • Allow your community to be a source.

  • People are an important key in reaching my goal of being successful in what is going on.

  • Be about our Father’s business

  • Form relationships; don't just collect friends and never talk to them. Show that you care.

  • Be my brother’s keeper and then sit back and watch GOD BLESS!!!

  • Get a blogtalkradios show for your publicity, marketing and promotions for that particular book/ministry etc.
  • We are not in competition  with each other. (I always tell people that if others imitate you that's flattery, if they "hate on" you - they're are scared of all that YOU WILL will become)

  • Conduct seminars and conferences with other authors.

  • Encourage one another.

  • Offer to sell someone else’s book

  • Help promote other authors.

  • Help keep your local book stores open by driving business their way

  • Partnering is important

  • Learn web 2.0 things and many different forms of blogging

  • Get an accountability partner [coach] who is motivated and won't fear being bluntly honest about what I can be doing better.

Q.What did you like about the audio?
A.I really enjoyed the audio, your honesty on us walking in excellence and if we can't do something in a great way then just wait until we have the money and do it then. I'm realizing that I will spend more money if I just rush into something. Be diligent etc You shared so much in the audio and it was really encouraging. It really was.

Q. How was it helpful to you?
A.The Ebook was motivating and it was very informative as well. I LEARNED A LOT PAM!!!
Q. What other information do I need to be a success with my book publicity?
A. Trustworthy people, Great information.
Thank you Pam Perry for all that you do
Author, Mattia Bolton.

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Blast from the PAST - This is from 2008. We are proud of all our authors!!!