Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What to Do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to Brand Your Book

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“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Stephen Covey

Most authors will not become millionaires unless they have multiple works or multiple streams of income that can keep their income level consistent. Otherwise, they will not be able to give up their “day jobs.”

But there are ways to build momentum, expand your platform and solidify your brand so you are successful. Most authors tell me, “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know what to do next” or “I hit a brick wall – and I can’t seem to get motivated to market anymore.”

You can market yourself everyday just by doing these things. When I coach clients, these are the things I tell them to do on an ongoing basis:


• Attend a writers meeting or critique group. (see www.acwriters.com)
• Ask for reviews or endorsements from those you’ve given “comp” copies too.
• Attend a civic organization and tell the members what you do.
• Read trade publications like Black Issue Book Review, Writer’s Digest or The Writer.
• Take a teleclass or attend another type of live internet event. (see www.blogtalkradio.com/ministrymarketingsolutions)
• Look for contests you can enter or awards you can nominate yourself for.
• Create a YouTube video message, booktrailer or be a guest on a local cable show. (see ivorycoastmedia.com)
• Hold or plan a teleseminar.
• Update your media list & research for new ones to add.
• Invite a media person you’ve admired to lunch.
• Participate at an event by speaking, presenting or teaching.
Write articles and submit to article directories. (See mine)
• Post reviews of other books you’ve read on Amazon.com.
• Write and post press releases. (See www.ChristianPRGroup.com)
• Write and pitch feature stories to the media (including Ezines).
• Create and distribute an online or direct mail newsletter.
• Reach out to bloggers and see if you can do a “blog tour” with them.
• Meet with your advisors, mentors or “master mind” partners.
• Add additional information to your website (i.e. a blog article, a link).
• Keep in touch with key bookstores that are selling your books.
• Email mini-courses to those who sign up via an Eblast that you send out.
• Manage back end tasks such as customer support, accounting, sales, etc…
• Look for easier ways to do business. Ask others what systems they use.

Next Post will discuss what to do weekly, daily.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

BE A STAR: TV Tips so you sparkle & shine!

TV Tips from 115 PR Tips to Brand Your Ministry by Pam Perry

1. Know what you want to convey and who your target audience is. Emphasize benefits and create a "look and feel" to resonate with that audience.
2. Seek the advice of a professional image consultant and get media training. That person can assure your look is both "camera ready" and sending the right message to the audience.
3. Hire a professional set designer for your TV broadcast. This is vital in enhancing your show’s branding and ultimately the ministry.
4. Spend the money when it comes to hiring professionals. You'll be able to tell the difference on the air. Bad programming is worst than having no programming.
5. Examine other TV ministry programs before launching your own. Write out what you like best about each one and discuss your vision with your media ministry team.
6. Get to really know the major networks: TBN, The Word Network, God TV, Family Net, TCT, INSP, TLN, The Gospel Music Channel, Daystar and LeSea Broadcasting. Know which shows conduct interviews and how your ministry fits their format.
7. Go on TV talk shows or morning news shows by sending press kits and following up with the producer. Having a book helps. Make sure you are familiar with their format. Call when you know they are not on the air!
8. Investigate camera equipment and lighting companies. Look for companies familiar with what you want to do in your ministry. Get references from others who have used their services and call them. Good lighting and camera equipment gets you on the "A" list for broadcast quality.
9. Launch your TV ministry when you can comfortably cover the cost for at least 6 months. Know that you may not see an immediate return on your investment until at least 6 months of being on the air.
10. Pick a station that reaches your audience. Buy prime time. It sends a message that the ministry is prime. Do Video On Demand (VOD) or streaming video if you cannot do a program.
11. Get "on camera" video footage of members at special events or make one Sunday a month "testimony time." Get testimonies from members to use in your video announcements and play on the ministry web site. Real live testimonies build up the faith of members and guests.
12. Learn about new equipment and cutting-edge techniques. Subscribe to industry magazines like Technologies for Worship Magazine and attend conferences sponsored by the National Religious Broadcasters
13. Inspire the media ministry by networking with other broadcast industry professionals by attending conferences, Christian and secular ones. Iron sharpens iron.
14. Tag your TV spots with upcoming events, products, and the website address. End the program on an upbeat note without asking for donations as the last message. Ask for donations and come back with a "spiritual nugget" that makes people feel good.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The PR Bailout Boot Camp with PR Expert, Karen Taylor Bass and PR Coach, Pam Perry - FREE Event!

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The workshop is geared to empower participants with simple, yet effective PR techniques aimed at enhancing their career opportunities as well as help them take concrete steps toward realizing their full potential in business and beyond. The session will address “Branding, Blogging, Volunteerism and Strategic Alliance” and much more.

Regardless of the industry, today’s business landscape demands that individuals possess the talents necessary to best position themselves for success. The abilities to hewn one’s image, identify and utilize viral marketing campaigns, and strategically self-promote, among others, are invaluable assets in anyone’s career development. The ”Boot Camp” will help participant’s gain a firm grasps of these and other vital skills.

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