Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Need help? This book is a healing for your soul! Dr. Dan is the new Dr. Phil for Christians!

Psychologist empowers emotional trauma survivors by teaching how distress works and applying universal truths
Journey to wholeness masterfully combines behavioral health and faith solutions

Philadelphia, Penn. (2007) - There's enough tribulation, tragedy and turmoil in our world to drive a person over the edge. Managing insurmountable circumstances and coping with situations that are traumatic, have left many people - Christians included - drowning in their pain.

Everyone experiences emotional trauma at some point in their lives. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become an unwelcome "neighbor." PTSD can be brought on by everyday tragedies such as the death of a loved one, financial distress, or even relationship conflicts. Extreme circumstances like 9/11, the war in Iraq and more recently with the Virginia Tech massacre have increased the incidence of PTSD.

But now there's real help and hope for those who feel they are at the point of a mental breakdown or besieged by devastating life problems.

For anyone struggling with emotional, mental or destructive patterns of behavior, Dr. R. Dandridge Collins has provided effective tools and invaluable resources for getting help. He is a Philadelphia-based psychologist, ordained minister and adjunct professor at Palmer Theological Seminar who has penned a book entitled THE TRAUMA ZONE: Trusting God for Emotional Healing (Moody/Lift Every Voice Publishers) released this year.

"The book teaches readers how to cope with overwhelming stress by understanding how trauma works, developing an individualized plan of self-care and taking your power back by trusting God for peace," said Dr. Collins.

"No other self-help book on trauma integrates the emotional work and Christian faith."

In the eerie, classic television show The Twilight Zone, characters caught in the zone wanted nothing more than to return to normal life. Similarly, survivors of severe trauma fall into The Trauma Zone - a place they want to escape from, but can't.

In the book, THE TRAUMA ZONE, people learn how to:
Cope with emotions such as depression, anger, anxiety, grief
Get free from the pain of the past
Get unstuck, get up and thrive in life
Break destructive habits by getting to the root issue
Face reality and create a life of peace and joy

Dr. Collins provides life-changing action steps, scriptures and simple prayers to help readers gauge their own readiness for recovery and find permanent solutions to their issues. Also included is a plethora of self-help resources, recommended readings and a section that shows a reader how to select a support person to help with the healing journey.

"Emotional trauma has the capacity to spin you in circles. You will need lots of support. Just when you think you have loosed yourself from its grip, trauma pulls you back and laughs at your face. Despite the setbacks, do not despair. God's ability to heal is stronger than trauma's ability to wound," says Dr. Collins.

About the Author:Dr. R. Dandridge Collins, who has more than 25 years experience in the healthcare field, earned a BS in Psychology and Spanish with a minor concentration in French from Eastern University. He completed a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Psychology at Palmer Theological Seminary. He Earned his Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology at Temple University as a Bilingualism Fellow. Dr. Collins is currently the proprietor of the Pastoral Counseling Network and lives in PA with his wife and family. For more information, go to

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The book entitled, The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing (ISBN: 0802489893), by Dr. R. Dandridge Collins, retails for $13.99, and is available in fine bookstores nationwide including Borders, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Stores and at See this month's Black Expressions too.
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Moody Publishers, one of the most trustworthy publishers in the Christian publishing industry, has partnered with the Institute for Black Family Development in the creation of a joint imprint - Lift Every Voice. The vision for this endeavor is to see African-American Christians encouraged in their faith through quality books by African-Americans. The company, based in Chicago , Illinois , has been in business since 1941.

Monday, November 19, 2007

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