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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston - Yes Jesus Loves Me

Tribute to Whitney Houston.
We will miss this angel voice here on earth.
Superstars need super prayer.
Pray for her family.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

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Social Media Week 2012

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Story of Gospel Jazz artist, Kim Jordan, "Oh Happy Day"

Some people express love through words, touch, deeds, time or material gifts. But for some artists, such as Kim Jordan, love is expressed through her music. It’s electric and the epitome of passion. The keyboard is an extension of who she is – since she was five years old.

Jordan has an impressive body of work. Not only is she a top-flight pianist, she is a producer, arranger, songwriter, composer, vocalist, engineer and vocal coach.
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She has worked with Dru Hill, Taj Mahal, the Fantasy Band and many others. She has played alongside Roberta Flack, Vanessa Williams and Stevie Wonder. Jordan spent 12 years touring as arranger/musical director for Gil Scott-Heron.

In 1996, Jordan’s publishing company, Kimberlyn Music, received the prestigious ASCAP Music Award for writing and producing one of the top ten songs on Billboard’s charts, “We Must Be In Love.” The group Pure Soul recorded it. Artists such as Diane Reeves, Billy Childs, Kevin Eubanks, and Gerry Gonzales also perform her music.

"I am a funky keyboard artist, " says Jordan. "I'm a combination of gospel, with a Latin feel, some blues, even classical - a conglomeration of many tings."

Jordan, a native of Detroit, is a graduate of Howard University’s School of Fine Arts. Her talent, she says, is a family trait. "I was playing in a church since I was 5, in my daddy's church. My mother was a music teacher and she inspired me, pushed me. The other part was God-given; I would hear something and I could play it immediately. Other people would have to study it."

Her father, Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Jordan, is the President of the Council of Baptist Pastors, and pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church in Hamtramck. “Growing up in the church birthed my passion – and God has given the me vision for the type of music I’m to create.”

Her music is a mixture of original gospel music and secular jazz arrangements — she’s particularly noted for a jazz arrangement of the theme to “The Andy Griffith Show.” “The music that comes out of me is so eclectic and so all-over-the-place at times,” she said. “But it’s all who I am.”

Neither her jazz playing nor her gospel playing comes from the standard repertoires for the genre, Jordan said. “God has given me something so unique. Sometimes when I’m playing, I can’t sit down – I even get excited.” She plays all of her original music with fervor, compassion and confidence. 

Jordan is, without a doubt, a refreshing and new jazz voice of the twenty-first century.

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Brand NEW: Oh Happy Day by Kim Jordan