Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to Create Synergy Energy for YOUR Book


“Joining forces with others can bring big rewards.” – Magic Johnson

The cycle of success is weaved within the network of people you know. You have dream - it’s encased in the form of your book - now how do you create a team to make things happen as a new author?

The best marketing secret strategy to use is to create synergy with others. Authors must learn how to share information, experience and markets with other authors. Iron sharpens iron.

Partnering with others gives you opportunities that you could not have produced alone! You can get more buzz for your book by combining strengths and resources with others. A three-fold cord is not easily broken and there is safety in a multiple of counselors. In other words, you’ll be safe and won’t go broke if you learn how to cooperate with others and team up!

There are tons of ways to “joint venture” and partner with others if you’re an author but make certain that the reason for forming the alliance is in SYNC with your goals, values and beliefs.

Here are some ideas:

1. Co-op a trade show booth with other authors. A booth at Book Expo America or CAABA (Christian African American Bookseller Association) could be out of range for an individual author but by coming together with other authors, the cost is just a fraction. This is win/win for everyone. The authors share the space and have a buddy who will “cover” them as they walk the exhibit floor and network with others.
2. Authors can partner with book clubs, bloggers, and radio station announcers by providing books through contests. This is often called a “trade for mention.”
3. Do co-op mailings together with other authors to bookstores, libraries and church bookstores. This cuts down on postage. Mail postcards, book marks and sample books.
4. Authors can joint venture with entrepreneurs and nonprofits by providing free seminars or information that is important to their target market. Then the church or business can buy bulk copies of their products for the event. The author can also offer additional bonuses.
5. Do workshops or seminars with other authors. You both benefit by creating buzz to each other’s audience and costs are cut in half (and the work too!)
6. Support other author’s book releases. Go to their book signings; tell others about their new release via your blog, email, postcards/flyers at your own book table. The blessing will come back to you too!
7. Swap links with other author’s websites, bookstores or media (this builds your traffic to your site and your Google rankings increase).
8. Trade excerpts with other authors and include that content in each other’s E-Zine, E-Newsletter or blog. The more good content you give your market – the more they love you and support you.
9. Interview another author on a podcast or blogtalk radio show. Share media opportunities.
10. Do a virtual conference with several authors. Or host teleseminars together.
11. Do a swap with another author. Give away tip sheets or Mp3s as bonuses with book purchases.
12. Sell each other’s books at your events. Offer a commission as an incentive so you make it financially worthwhile for others to promote your book.
13. Do a Membership site together on a topic that you and other authors are “experts” on. Take turns each month being the moderator or administrator. If it’s a site for singles, parents or those who want life coaching, do the site together and provide valuable content to the members. They become your “fan” club and eagerly await your future products and services.

As with any partnership, strategic alliances or joint venture, you need to do your homework to make sure it’s a good fit. Remember your brand is on the line, so make sure you “click” with them and are just not trying to get your book out to their list or grab up their web traffic. Be sincere and ask will you enhance your brand by associating with them? And if so, what are you bringing to the table?

By networking with others and adding synergistic partners to your “dream team,” you will multiply your influence, impact and credibility – and your publishing career will soar to new heights. By helping others to succeed, you become a success also.

Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnership to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry by Pam Perry and Anthony/Crystal Obey is available on And at

Pam Perry is a PR Coach and the Chief Visionary at Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five Steps to Brand Yourself in the African American Christian Market (AACM)

Any enterprise built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. Proverbs 24:3-4 TLB

Step 1: Define your target audience.

Who is your main customer? What do they look like? What do they watch? Listen to? What other media do they consume? The more research you do the more you can identify and target your ideal customer to BUY YOUR BOOK!

UNDERSTAND YOUR MARKET… Once you have an idea, research it. Check Amazon and see if any similar books exist. Is there a need for your book? How will your book be different? Will it withstand the competition? Find out everything you can about your topic; become the authority.

Step 2: What’s your PLATFORM?
Find your “book hook.” What message are you marketing?
Get your message “out there!” But what do you want to say? Are you an expert? An evangelist? Do you want to position yourself as a “brain” or a “creative” – or do you have endorsements that will speak volumes for you? Whoever endorses you will “pin point” how you will be perceived/branded in the market. Make sure your message that you communicate makes the media say “wow” and not yawn. Examine yourself and find your unique selling position. Why is your book worthy of media attention?

Talk to everyone you know, network, get a marketing mindset! Find places to start, get bookings to teach/speak and work your way up. Make your initial mistakes locally, and build a devoted following close to home. Take speaking, voice or acting lessons, or hire a media or PR coach. Join the local Toastmasters or the National Speakers Association. You’ll get practice speaking in front of people, feedback and contacts for places to speak. Video yourself; critique yourself; and practice a lot. You want to shine for the media and make your “followers” proud.

Step 3: Build a media “wish list”
We would all love to be on Oprah, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and TBN…that’s a for sure best-seller status. But starting out, get a focused, realistic media database that reaches the core target audience. What do they read, watch and listen to? Do you really know the media? Google the media that matches your platform.

Find addresses at websites. Although websites seldom reveal addresses of print or broadcast contacts, they’re a good place to find the addresses of website editors and content producers, and to figure out the company’s addressing system. You can sometimes find e-mail addresses using online directories such as Yahoo’s People Search. Also, is a good source. I know tons of authors who have made personal contact with producers through social networking sites like facebook, myspace, or twitter.

Another smart way to find e-mail addresses is to browse the message boards or blog at websites for newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations. Reporters and producers often respond to comments and criticism on these boards and blogs, and their e-mail addresses are usually displayed along with their messages

Use Eblast services too to “stir up the buzz” and get the word out immediately to the masses.

Here are some Eblast service/media to look at:
(Targeting the African-American and African-American Christian markets)
There's more: see

Step 4: Create dazzling press materials.
If you’re trying to pitch Essence, “O” magazine or your local weekly neighborhood newspaper, you better come correct. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Get customized press kit folders if doing mailing. Or get graphics help to design your EPK (electronic press kit). But whatever you do, get great author photos. A picture is worth a thousand words – and a “glamour” shot will get you noticed. Even in the Christian market, being attractive sells more books. Make sure your press releases, fact sheets, articles and pitch letters stand out from the crowd and “position” yourself. BRAND!

In this electronic age, having a top-notch Website and Electronic Press Kit (epk) will show that an author is professional. Increasingly, editors are viewing them as tickets to the game.

Great error-free press materials are the foundation to a good campaign!!! Get help if you need it. See
pam perry
Step 5: Media contacts – they are your friends.
How do you meet the media? Go where they go. Go to conferences where you know media will be there like the Gospel Heritage Conference, The PowerNetworking Conference, The Stellar Awards, ICRS (formerly CBA) and even the regional/local National Black Association of Black Journalists. Not even a bad idea to join as an associate member. You’re a writer, right? Networking and building relationships is critical. If you can meet them, keep in contact by commenting on their work – so they know you’re just not “begging” allll the time – but really are an educated media consumer. (Also, get their name right!)

When you prove yourself as an “expert” and dependable source of information, you get reporters to contact you over and over. And they will tell their friends about you because you will become known as a good source.

But never brow beat and badger a reporter/producer with unwanted phone calls, faxes or E-mails – that’s a quick way to make an enemy with the whole industry. If they don’t respond, ask them why and then move on. There are tons of other media that will reach your target market. Use your time and energy wisely and don’t be a pain – and when you really have something to contact them about – just a quick email is all that is needed.

FINALLY and most importantly: REMAIN ENCOURAGED, STEADFAST AND prayerful. Prayer is the key.

Bill Winston
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For a catalog of book in the AACM, click here

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Ultimate Author PR Boot Camp!

Hey future best seller!

I’m Pam Perry, an expert in the African American Christian market, with 20 years experience in public relations. I can help you cut through the publicity maze, “master the media” and successfully market your message.

I will:

1. Evaluate and improve your book marketing plan, tweaking your ideas.

2. Tailor your promotion plan, tapping into my wealth of PR strategies & secrets.

3. Provide you with a full rolodex of the media & publishing contacts that make the difference in your book campaign. (Including how to get a the best book trailer deal)

4. Hold you accountable as we work together on your execution of the book marketing plan. I will be your media mentor - and publicity evangelist!

And finally -----You'll learn how to tap into traditional to get Public Relations exposure and new media to build a tribe!

I’ll coach you to success in reaching the African American Christian Market (AACM)

As a Christian author, you’ll learn insider’s strategies and secrets, such as:

* The elements of a strong publicity plan and what makes a book a best-seller
* How to create a “killer” media kit that grabs attention and gets results
* The publicity process and how to master media interviews
* How to win radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and/or internet media interviews
* The Internet - key PR hubs, paid advertising and free publicity
* Print Publications and creative ad strategies that sell books
* PR Web 2.0 Strategies & the tools of the trade in the literary world
* Loads of tips offered by guest speakers from various Christian print pubs

Read testimonials from the brisk selling authors I have already coached:

Contact me now and we’ll be off and running! Classes start Tuesday.


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to Write Good Blogs That Will Make You an Internet Sensation

Blogging Mania! Where do you start? How to Keep it going?

If you missed our first series in the CPN Author MBQ Series,
you missed a popular first series! We were at capacity!
The Seminar on "How to Set up and Run a Blog" with me &
Ralph Claxton took the authors to a whole new level.

The authors are blogging - and taking part in blog tours -
and looking forward to joining the next MBQ
(Most Burning Question) author series next month
and Publishing &
Promotion Teleseminar
coming up this Tuesday! Whew!

Fasten your seatbelts. 2009 - it's time to shine!

I told those that came on the line, I would send the replay link,
but since it's the Holiday (Resurrection Day) - I'm feeling
like others need to have some "resurrection" power in their
blogging souls too.

Know that Easter is about Jesus. Not bunnies. Not eggs.
But Jesus died and rose for US - that's why we have LIFE!
Zoe Life. I feel like shouting....... enough of me, here is
the link:
listeners please download the link and then play
from their media player (much faster).

Today, you will see that a lot of people write blogs
and own a blogging website. Some write blogs that
concentrates on their personal life and experiences,
others write blogs to market a particular product or
service, while there are also people who write their
original fictional short stories. Whatever it is, you
will see that blogging brings fame. That is, if you do
it right.

So, how can you write really good blogs that will make
you an internet sensation?
Well, you can join Ralph
Claxton's blogging school. He's providing a deep
discount until end of April for those friends Pam Perry's
blog! Here's the link:

BUT...Whatever you BLOG about, it will have some potential
in becoming famous. All you need to do is right it
really good. So, here are some tips that can help you
write better blogs and one that people will surely
want to read and recommend to other people.


First, you have to remember that catching the
attention of your readers is very important
. What this
means is that the title and the first two or three
sentences of your blog should be enough to catch your
readers attention and encourage them to read the rest
of the blogs.

Most of the blogs that has great potential and great
content fails because of this. The writer didn’t give
it a good title and a good introduction, which made
the reader close the blog and look for other blogs
that is good to read.

Although you won't be able to please all the people
reading your blogs, you have to consider the fact that
you have to at least catch the attention that has
something in common with you.

So, writing good introductions and giving your blog a
good title is crucial in order for your blogs to
become a success and be considered a good read.

Aside from the title and the introduction, the body is
also very important
. What you write in your title
should correspond or relate to the introduction and
title you give your blog. Stay on the subject. Also,
it is very important that everything should be easy to
read and understand.

After you finished writing a blog, reread it and
imagine that you are the reader
. Also, check for
grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It is also a
good idea to get your friends to read it before you
post the blog in your blogging website. This will give
you an unbiased judge on what your blog is like.

As a reader, if you didn’t like the blog that you
wrote and that you found that it is quite complicated
to understand redo it or just edit it so that it will
be a bit better.

This is the art of making blogs. It may sound simple,
but it really isn’t. You need to work hard in your
writing skills and you also have to take a lot of
criticism about how you write.

Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will
be able to write a good blog. If the first blog you
wrote didn’t actually become an internet sensation,
then just leave it be and write another blog about
anything that your heart desires. Improve on your
writing and you can be sure that you will get better
and better at writing blogs.

Remember these tips and you will one day become famous
as a blog writer. Always remember that blogging can bring
fame. All you need to do is make a good blog that
people will want to read and one that people will want
to make their friends read. Digital Evangelism!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

What to Include in Your Author Bio - Please, Don't BORE ME!

I just finished the third session of the PR Boot Camp Coaching Teleclasses last Tuesday.

One area of instruction that every Christian author seems to need is in the area of the "author bio." This is a key foundational piece for online branding, getting speaking gigs, media interviews and even for op-ed articles. A Good BIO and a good photo will show whether you are a pro or a newbie. (We'll go over photos later!)

But for now, you should have at least 3 different versions of your biography. You should have one long one that can be up to one page. One short one that is about one or two paragraphs long with 100-150 words, and a mini one that can be summed up in 2 sentences or about 25 words. (for online "about me" sections in say facebook, Nings or myspace).

Here are the things that you should consider when writing your author bio:
1. Highlight the most important accomplishments that you have made that relate to your book subject.
2. Have a catchy first sentence. (Not where you were born, please!!)
3. Use supporting details second. (clever is ok, loosen up)
4. Use complete sentences.
5. List details in order of decreasing importance. (in case the media cuts it)
6. Write in third person and not first person.
7. Be lively and specific using active words. (think colorful and vibrant, expressive, funny is good too) But NEVER BORING!
8. Read some bios on other top selling authors’ covers to get a good idea.Or come to the Tuesday, April 14 Publishing & Promotion Teleseminar & get all these resources and more! Go to: See the bio of Omar Tyree there too.

Write your biography at the beginning of making your marketing plan so that
you can simply insert it later when it is needed in your marketing materials.

See for more tips too
synergy energy
and join the social network for Christian! (You'll need a good bio for your profile though) :)

Your # 1 tool to attracting media - YOUR BIO. 
Learn how to write one that makes people say "WOW."

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What's up with all this chatter about twitter?

When you give people an easy way to share information - miracles happen. Are you twitter ready?


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