Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's all about the BLOG! What I Learned from the Beautiful Young Sistas...who are Doing it BIG!

 I am 20 plus years older than the fabulous LaShanda Henry and Angel Laws.  I could really be their Mama!  But they make me whip my hair back and forth!  OMG!  They are some smart, sharp, internet-savvy, social media swag sistas. And I just love their swagger!

I have learned that "Boomers" need to get with the program and stay connected to young ladies like these two who know their stuff and are willing to share.  We need to support them, endorse them and encourage them!  (Get their books, read their blogs, comment, sign up for their telesummits and buy everything they put out!)

A lot of my BOOMER colleagues (to be frank) are too proud to learn from younger people. NOT ME. I guess I've always been progressive and loved to learn new things - so this "Information Age" just re-energized me. Once you've been a career for a couple of decades - you look forward to stuff new! And Social Media Marketing found me - and I found Lashanda and Angel.Met them both online and then in person at the big multicultural blogging conferences! (Where I was a speaker too! How cool is that?)

Want to learn more about this dynamic lady?
Pam Perry and Lashanda Henry
It's all about staying up to date and READING.  Be curious. Click the buttons. Follow the leaders. Quit lurking, playing games and start engaging. Those that SHOW UP, go up. I'm a witness!

Pam Perry and Angel Laws

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Social Media PR Solutions Debuts at Blogging While Brown Conference

Yeah, you saw it coming. I sold out.

My love for social media marketing and PR has driven me to start another company. We are now Social Media PR Solutions, LLC.

More details will come. Right now I'm on my way to Los Angeles do a presentation on social media PR (how to use both traditional media and social media to build buzz, brand better and get more business).That's what Social Media PR Solutions will focus on. We have new clients from other industries (not ministries) - so we created a whole new business model. It's exciting.

Check it out: Social Media PR Solutions We are serving corporations that target the multicultural market using social media methods and digital communications strategies. That's what we provide. We will be phasing out the coaching programs. Will be introducing you to our new staff shortly. We have one opening for an intern. If you know of a college student who would like a job for the summer, let us know: info (at)

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