Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, The Albert Einstein of Our Era

Legacy isn't strong enough. Genius is more appropriate. Steve Jobs dies, his brilliance will be missed but he still shines on. Marketing Brilliance never really DIES......

If you could have a conversation with him, what would you ask? Now that he is gone, the world will know more about him than when he was living.

His book comes out this month. He was a genius...From the Latin verb gigno, genui, genitus, "to bring into being, create, produce."

Well done Steve Jobs. We appreciate your genius. Thank you. Rest in Peace.
“Bill Gates put a computer in every household, but Steve Jobs put one in every pocket" #thankyousteve”
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Steve Jobs bio tops Amazon bestseller list

After the death Wednesday of Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs , his authorized biography became a hot ticket. "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson is Amazon's #1 bestselling book -- and it's not even out yet.

Although Jobs has been written about before, the biography is the first written with his cooperation. Jobs' biographer, Walter Isaacson, had been working with the Apple CEO, his family, friends, colleagues and competitors since at least 2009.

Isaacson has written biographies of genius Albert Einstein ("Einstein: His Life and Universe"), founding father Ben Franklin ("Benjamin Franklin: An American Life") and powerful diplomat Henry Kissinger ("Kissinger: A Biography"). When Simon & Schuster announced that the book was on the way, publisher Jonathan Karp said, "This is the perfect match of subject and author, and it is certain to be a landmark book about one of the world's greatest innovators."

The Steve Jobs biography was originally slated to be published in March 2012, and it was going to be titled "iSteve." The title was changed to the more staid "Steve Jobs," and the publishing date, at one point, moved up to Nov. 21, 2011. This week, it was moved up again, to less than three weeks from now: "Steve Jobs" will be released Oct. 24.

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