Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fourth Quarter Breakthrough Strategy with Dr. Cindy Trimm

 Dr. Cindy Trimm, one of the featured speakers at Bishop TD Jakes'
WOMAN THOU ARE LOOSED event in Houston this year, 
releases fourteenth book 
Nationwide on October 4, 2011
Bestselling author, motivational speaker, and empowerment specialist, Dr. Cindy Trimm,
releases her newest book, The Prayer Warrior's Way, October 4, 2011. 

The Prayer Warrior’s Way equips readers with the prayer basics necessary for hearing from God. Within these pages the reader will learn how to engage in the most important conversation-taking place in the universe—heaven’s ongoing dialogue about how to bring health and healing to humanity.

This highly anticipated sequel to The Art of War for Spiritual Battle (published August 3, 2010) provides
strategies from heaven for intimate communication with God.

“The Prayer Warrior’s Way is one of the best books that I have read to help believers develop a successful and fulfilling prayer life,” says Cindy Jacobs, CEO of Generals International “It is very well researched and has deep wells to draw from that gives us wisdom from some of the greatest Christian leaders on the subject.”

Published by Charisma House in Lake Mary, FL, this practical guide for praying has two parts: “The Big Picture” and “Praying Heaven Down.” 

GET to finish strong this year by being empowered with a wealth of information on:
• The Great Paradigm Shift: Turning Reality Inside-Out
• What Should Be: The View from the Throne Room
• Enough: Plugging into Heaven’s Provision
• This Day I Will: Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back
• Victory! Fear in the Enemies’ Eyes

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About the Author
Dr. Cindy Trimm, the best-selling author of Commanding Your Morning and The Rules of Engagement,was named to Ebony Magazine's "Power 100 List" for 2011, alongside Bishop T.D. Jakes and President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Cindy Trimm is the founder of Trimm International and host of the World Summit on Leadership and Prayer.
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Loretta Benedict said...

I am confused! I have always believed in God and Jesus, but have only recently started to question these things, attend church and join in with a christian playgroup. I have always considered myself a christian just by believing in God and Jesus, praying, raising my children to understand what christmas and easter is, taking them to sunday school to learn more about jesus, but when I attend these christian playgroups, it is like they are a whole different breed of christian. They only listen to christian music, watch christian tv, use christian mechanics. I have always been taught not to be judgemental of others, but are these christians not be judgemental of people they think are non christians? I like my heavy metal music, I like to drink alcohol on occasions, i socialise with people who are not christians, does that make me a bad christian. I love god and jesus and have felt his presence in my life, but do i have to stop the things i love and conform to the ways of these "die-hard" christians to feel I am a worthy christian. Does this make sense?Christian tv


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