Monday, October 24, 2011

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Will post up some video clips from the actual workshop session I did with Lashanda Henry later on  presentation: "How to Leverage Your Content to Monetize Your Blog" in a few days (or next week) but....“””

Right now, sign up for my new webinar this Thurs, October 27th at 8 PM ET:

You'll discover ten strategies to get YOUR message heard, launch your book or product and brand like a superstar using the Internet and social media.

 I'm doing this with my new partner so you don't want to miss our first webinar!

 Listen, no one can make it through challenging times on their own and come out ahead.
 The ones who reach out for support will be the ones who not only make it through, but come through stronger, more purposeful and more profitable than ever. You need someone to challenge and inspire you. You need someone who will hold the possibility of your big dream even when you lose sight of it.

To grow and change, you need to be around people who have ambition and are playing a bigger game. People who will motivate you to do your best and be your best and will call you on your stuff so you don't get away with hiding out.

That's what Thursday is all about. See there.

P.S. Be sure to type in a question you want us to answer during the Q&A time...


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