Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Find Media to Talk To Right Now. They're Here

The traditional media loves SOCIAL media too. 
Want media exposure? 

Want to be in their publication or on the air? Follow them on Twitter and you will get to know the reporters and producers. These media folks often tweet when they’re looking for sources. You will get to see their "bend" and what types of people they retweet, talk to and follow. You can then use this info to learn more about each them and pitch them accordingly.


We can help you position properly.

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You probably can't use your iPhone 4 case on your iPhone 4S: The buttons have moved ever so slightly — but enough.

4 minutes ago
by Alex Johnson, Correspondent and NBC News Web Projects Coordinator, NBC News

RT @smbyakima : Dolphins' defensive struggles on Nolan, players, or injuries?» All three are to blame, so is the offense.

4 minutes ago
by Omar Kelly, Dolphins Reporter and Blogger, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

RT @daveweigel : RT @GregMitch : Russell Simmons in da house at Zuccotti w/ the legendary Dick Gregory (who I met at demo way back in '68).

Reminds me of the Iowa State Fair. RT @SallyPancakes : Check out CNBC's "speakers corner" at #OccupyWallSt

Did you love 'The Notebook'? 'A Walk to Remember'? If so, join @SparksNicholas for a chat on Thursday #film #books

5 minutes ago
by Lisa Fung, Online Arts and Entertainment Editor, LA Times

@glichfield Good Q. @antderosa would be a key ask on figuring out post frequency on a @tumblr . Failing that, try @davidkarp ?

5 minutes ago
by Alex Howard, Technology Writer

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be in my bomb shelter lined with peanut butter bought before the crazy price hikes.

5 minutes ago
by David Lidsky, Articles Editor, Fast Company

Good while it lasted! RT @thepointsguy : RIP Citi American 75,000 Mile Card Bonuses

SunEdison event Belmont
 minutes ago
by Lindsay Riddell, Reporter, San Francisco Business Times

Jared Bernstein: "The Self-Imposed Limits of Reaction to a Crisis"

6 minutes ago
by Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post

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