Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can You “Like” a Sista on Facebook before you Try to Sell Me Something?

 It is the year the Social Media frenzy.  Nothing new really. I did my first blog post in 2004. So, it’s been around awhile and smart marketers are using it properly by engaging their audiences and delivering value – and in return receiving business. That’s a good thing.

Then there are those who heard about “facebook, twitter & blogging” seems like just these past six months and have jumped on the bandwagon like maniacs. Making themselves look like a scene from the TV show  The Beverly Hillbillies driving from the Hills to Los Angeles – just wrong and clueless. 

They don’t know the etiquette. They are frantic and furiously spamming folks.That's a bad thing.

Here is an example of what someone put on my facebook wall.

 I wrote this book to change your life. Price: $15 plus $2 UPS

Ok, it’s probably a nice book. But really, do I have to know the price AND shipping? Did I missed something? This is the first time I heard from this person and they are publicly going to pitch their book?

What did they did wrong:
  1. They didn’t engage. How about they “like” a sista first?  Put a "like" on one of my posts. Comment on a blog note. Attend one of my events. Listen to a podcast. Develop a relationship first……then post something on my wall. Get to know me and I get know you and we SHARE. 
  2. They put  the price of the book out there. I don’t know even about the book to really even want it and you tell me the price?  Plus shipping?  Kinda rude – a quick way for me to “unfriend” you because it shows you only want to make a sale!
  3. Networking is about LISTENING. Was I looking for a book like this in any of my posts? Why does this person think I would want this book? Or do they just know I have folks looking at my page – and this is a way to SPAM?

What could he have done:
  1. Have a review written and post that link on my page
  2. Shot a video of himself talking about the book & posted that from youtube
  3. Sent me a private message and asked me to look at his book for REVIEW and possibly do a review on my blog or amazon or just ask for a consultation (I am in the book business).

Brian Solis, the author of “Engage,” talks about best practices of social media engagement. 

Here are some of my favorite Social Media “Engage” Rules by Brian Solis:

1.      Discover all relevant communities of interest and observe the choices, challenges, impressions, and wants of the people within each network.
2.       Assess pain points, frustrations, and also those of contentment in order to establish meaningful connections.
3.       Become a true participant in each community you wish to activate. Move beyond marketing and sales.
4.       Don’t speak at audiences through canned messages. Introduce value, insight and direction with each engagement.
5.      Don’t just listen and placate — act. Do something.
6.       Consistently create, contribute, and reinforce service and value.
7.      Establish and nurture beneficial relationships online and in the real world as long as doing so is important to your business.
8.       “Un-market” by becoming a resource to your communities.
9.       Give back, reciprocate, and recognize notable contributions from participants in your communities.

But as I always say, people would do better, if they knew better. Get the book ENGAGE!  Read it and until you do keep those fingers of that keyboard that make you want to spam my facebook wall – or you’ll make me “unfriend” you.

Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions
PR Coach * Author * Social Media Expert

Tele: 248.426-2300
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Daphney said...

OMG! Pam, thank you for candidly speaking to this issue and for always giving good advice on how to do things better!

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

Yes, that had been bubbling up in me for a while. Why can't we be SOCIAL in social media.

My thing is: If you never learned how to network OFFLINE - you won't do well doing social networking online!!

Go Daph! YOU got this!

Daphney said...

Thanks Pam!

WWAHHMpreneur said...

I love the community-orientation of the real experts, like you and the "Engage" author and many others, who I've come to enjoy connecting with online.

It seems that the people that don't truly plug-in to the community online are the same that are clueless about authentically plugging in offline, as well.

We need to be real, need to connect human to human, instead of trying to do business like robots.

Gotta really have a passion and drive that goes beyond wanting to make money. Some of us start that way, but get off course through fear, anxiety, distraction gotta push those things aside and let the love of God in us keep us focused and on track.

Thanks, Pam!

K.A.D. said...

This post is so important to SM etiquette. Your friends'/connections' personal pages are not free billboards for promotion. Building the relationship first then ask for the endorsement. Thanks, Pam.

David Lingholm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Lingholm said...

Great post Pam!

So many people take a "cold-calling" approach to social media, blasting their message all over the place praying that someone clicks their link. If they would spend the same amount of time with a "networking" approach, they would have warm relationships with people who are receptive to what they are selling.

God didn't give us social skills to have us continue to cold-call or spam each other!!!

Kevin Beamer said...

Pam, I couldn't agree with you more. Selling through social media has been causing a stir nowadays. The problem is everyone wanted to jump into the bandwagon without creating 'links' to their potential consumers. Effective contractor leads are made when sales and marketing individuals create a niche for their brand in their consumers' networks. That requires a good understanding of the needs, interests and groups that they are affiliated with. The brand and product will be patronized when the consumers deem it relevant in their lives.

Indeed, marketing strategies goes beyond mere offers. It's about establishing relationships.

Very interesting post. I look forward to reading more from your blog.


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