Saturday, June 05, 2010

Building a Brand on a Shoe String Budget & resources to help you GET OUT THERE!

Branding on a Budget can be a good thing for CREATIVITY!
By Teresita Glasgow
(guest blogger from Atlanta)

Can you build a brand on a shoe string budget? Absolutely! All businesses begin with a mental image of how they want to be perceived in the marketplace, the only problem is that in most cases that image cost much more than a start up organization can afford. In His Season, Inc and Teresita Glasgow have used the following cutting edge and frugal strategy toward branding for name recognition and image appeal.

Do whatever you can In-House.
We chose to do many things in-house by making use of the skills, talents and abilities that God has given us. With a few low cost tools and templates we built our websites, blogs and social networking sites to reach our audience. We also out source when necessary.

Use technology with ferocity
Don’t be afraid of technology! Have an adventurous attitude when it comes to getting your message out. We have a multi-media platform that includes an e-newsletter, a BlogTalk Radio Show, and a YouTube Channel. Our audience is able to be fully engaged with us everyday.

Be Touchable, Teachable and Rememberable
We consistently use the same logo, photos and identifying graphics and we have free give away products. We interact and consult with other small business owners and authors and we attend and participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars.

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