Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PR Boot Camp Graduate Grateful for the Training - Ready to Win at the Social Media Game!

A "Pam Perry PR Boot Camp Graduate" Tells about her Experience

Dear Pam,

You are truly a "Gem"..."Rare and Priceless!" You were absolutely called to do this! God tailor-made you to teach others how to most effectively market their books.

The information you shared will be of great benefit as I brand myself as a successful author. As I apply the tools you provided I feel confident that I have adequately been prepared to navigate social media to get massive online exposure, prepare my press kit, promotional PR plan and get speaking engagements.

The PR Boot Camp was fun, enlightening and everything I was hoping it would be. You really taught me how to define my target market and why that is so important.

You essentially gave complete campaign strategies to successfully sell books and so much more!

You are a gift to the Body of Christ. I expect great things! Thanks for your guidance and generosity of knowledge!


Empowerment Coach and Successful Home Business Owner
Cheryl Green "C Money"

Pam Perry PR BootCamp Graduate

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