Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Personal Branding Step One: Buy YOU. Get your own Domain before someone else does.

You need to own yourname.com or a website that aligns with your  BRAND in some way. I have http://www.pamperrypr.com/ and http://www.pamperryprcoach.com/ (by the time I figured out I needed to my own domain/URL - someone else had it) Oh well, so I did the next best thing.

Tip: Depending on who you are, you MUST either start a website or blog or have someone else do set this for you.  

Those who blog will have a stronger presence than those who don’t because blogs rank higher in search engines and lend more to your expertise and interest areas over time. (Plus you get comments back)

My next blog will talk about Personal Branding Step 2 Social Media Profiles like twitter, facebook, etc. (but you need a blog first - and get yourname.com first)



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Cheryl Green (C Money) said...

Great post. Thanks Pammy Poo!


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