Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Tips On Getting Media Interviews and Paid Speaking Engagements

Build a Platform - Get Paid to Speak

1.Write and promote a book.

The best way to validate yourself is to write a book about your expertise. If done professionally, you will find that this leads to tons of publicity and speaking opportunities. Even better, consider writing an e-book and giving it away for free. (see

2. Start a blog.

Starting a blog is a great way to promote yourself. Use your blog to regularly express your opinions and insight. Soon enough, you will be highly respected for your intellect, and will be a prime candidate for radio talk shows. A free blog can be established at or

3. Write columns.

Regularly writing and distributing columns to the press wil get you front placement in hundreds of newspapers. If your columns are intriguing, people will remember you and you’ll become in –demand. Be sure to mention in your tagline that you are a public speaker, include your contact info and web site.

4. Get professional headshot.

Before someone hires you as a speaker or invites you onto their show, they will likely want to see a professional photo of you. Because they may not personally know you, this is their means of determining whether or not you are… well, professional. A good photographer will only charge you about $100 for this.

Here's a good sample of a head shot with some "personality" - Evangelist Ty Adams,
author of "Single, Saved and Having Sex"

5. Get listed on and

These web sites are excellent directories to have your profile listed on. Hundreds on journalists and meeting planners use these sites to find possible candidates. The cost to be listed is just $200 -$250 a year, but you can make 5-10 times that from just one paid speaking engagement. Excellent SEO too!

6. Just ask.

Don’t wait for an invitation. If you are interested in speaking at a specific event, just ask the people in charge. You may not be paid the first time, but perhaps the second time around they’ll budget for you. See

7. Stay in contact.

Knowing the right people can be very helpful in getting speaking engagements and media interviews. Attend networking events and establish new contacts. From time to time, follow up with them. Remind them of that you still exist.

Dante Lee is the founder of Diversity City Media, a multicultural marketing empire.
Visit his daily blog at

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