Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Media is Easy When You're a Nice Person...Kindness Matters!

Take the Time to be Kind - Live to GIVE.
Thanksgiving should be everyday...not just when you want to be in the media.

My friends, Stacye and Rev. Angelo Henderson of Radio One

Recently a friend said, “Thanks for remembering me.” Her business had just recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. I didn’t make the celebration but I did call to say, “Congratulations.” Taking the leap of faith to go into business is worth celebrating and to be around after a year calls for an ovation.

Another friend just emailed me because I had missed several events that he hosted. “Did I offend you?” the email read. Becoming installed as a pastor is a really big deal. Holding services requires support of friends.

But sometimes we are just so busy. We feel as if our feet can’t move fast enough – we need roller blades.

When is there enough time? Between working, taking care of the family, home maintenance and making sure your body, mind and spirit are nourished – I don’t have time to even retrieve my voice messages.  Now I must "tweet" once in a while the twitter followers who are following me! LOL! But voice mail AND the land line and the cell phone is tough.  Messages are in both places!

Maybe I should band the voice message system. Just go with Caller-ID. Might make my life simpler. Or I could leave a message like this:

“Hi, this is Pam. Isn’t life just a speedway? Don’t get upset, offended or take it personal if I don’t call you back. Just pray for me – I’m doing the best I can.”

Can you imagine what it is like for the media? Whew.

Life without friends is miserable. But not having time for friends is sadder still. No one should be this busy. Relationships are critical - networking is important. Keep the "social" in social networking.

Everyone wants to be remembered. Don’t forget to be kind – there’s always time for that. Thank the Lord you have friends – and take time to tell them “thank you” for being there. 

Thank the media this year during the holidays. Send them a card. (more about that later). Quit hawking them like they "owe" you and be kind to the media. They are nice people when you really get to know them. They're just busy like eveyone else - well, maybe a little bit more busier because they have constant PUBLIC deadlines. Tweet them a note at least or join their fan pages. :)

Thanks for joining mine!  I am grateful to have so much love...that's what's really important.

See http://www.pamperryprcoach.com/ too and join http://www.chocolatepagesnetwork.com/ and make some friends!

(get his book) :)

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