Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tips Booklets Grow Your Business

Paulette is my booklet coach. :) She was the brainchild of me doing the "115 PR Tips to Brand Your Ministry." All the info was in my head - Paulette pulled it out of me in less than a month and I have sold over 1,000 booklets around the world - and this technique has branded me too in the process. Read and listen to what she has to say. I just love her!

1. Create a tips booklet as a marketing tool, new revenue source, or both. Use “sound bites” you tell your clients, audiences, and prospects. Organize the tips into categories for your specialty.

2. Consider leveraging your booklet into different formats. Print it as a booklet, record it as an audio or video, develop it into daily reminder cards, or use a tip per day on a calendar. Those are some of the endless possibilities.

3. Explore ways to distribute your products. Some will be through publicity excerpts in print publications. Others will be sold direct in large quantity to single buyers. You may even license reprint rights for very large quantities or go to other languages.

4. Notice how products are an ideal balance for the service side of your business. Products can be a good match for a client's budget when they cannot afford or are not ready to purchase consulting or speaking services. Product sales keep your own schedule flexible while earning income.

5. Introduce at least one or two new informational products a year to expand your business. That keeps you in touch with your prospects, clients, and former clients each time you launch a new product, all while growing your business.

6. Recycle your knowledge to nurture your clients and to nurture your own business development. Use those resources you already have for everyone's benefit.

© 2009, Paulette Ensign

Learn to surpass Paulette Ensign’s results of personally selling well over a million copies of her booklet in various formats and languages, without a penny on advertising. Many of her clients, worldwide, have done just that. Booklets are one of the best and easiest marketing tools you’ll ever create. Get started today.
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Kim Brooks said...

Great post! Your tips booklet comes in handy, Pam! BTW - I love the new look of your blog ;0)

bestsellingauthor said...

Pam, you are very creative and detailed. Your resources and tips booklet are a given. A gift from God. Happy Easter.

Sylvia Clark

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