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Opt Out of the Recession in Less Than a Month — Here’s Your Financial Roadmap

You say there’s a recession? That money’s tight? That the economy is in a shambles and the stock market is in flux? That jobs, savings, houses and dreams are being lost?

Renowned speaker and pastor Andre Butler says “opt out” of this recession and start living the good life in a mere 28 days — without fear, debt or regret! Bring this inspiring expert on-air to reveal the steps he has personally used to live without money worries or recession hassles. Appreciative audiences will learn about developing a personal battle plan with debt, and:

• 4 questions that determine who’s cooperating with the recession. Could YOU be investing in values and beliefs that produce financial crisis? Or banking in the wrong place?

• The limitless supply of resources, provisions, support and blessings many people overlook when economic woes arrive.

• How the “Babylonian” system works in the 21st century.

• Combining biblical principles with practical strategies for financial freedom. Discover how “biblical economics” can impact you every day.

• Getting ready to recession-proof your house. Take the 28-day challenge!

• And much more on building your wealth, even as the rest of the world panics.

CREDENTIALS: Pastor Andre Butler is founder and president of Andre Butler Ministries. He hosts his own television broadcast in Atlanta and has authored the critically-praised new book NOT IN MY HOUSE!: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future. His Web site is (get free download bonuses).

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Georgia, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions, (248) 426-2300 (MI);

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