Monday, November 29, 2010

Social Media Starter Plan

People are getting so frustrated with social media. Some think it's the "magic bullet" and others think it's  "bunch of hype" and a waste of time. And there are a ton of folk who "just don't get it." 

Well, it's really just a new marketing method.

But people are overwhelmed and are running all over the place without a plan.  Well, here's a Simple Social Media Starter-plan that you can do about 15 to 30 minutes a day and start to get more traffic and learn how to build your "tribe."

Here's the plan for those just starting out in social media:
  1. Visit blogs that are in your area. See my blog roll (Pam's Fav blogs on the right hand side on this blog for ideas).  Follow blogs you find interesting and have great content. Learn from them!
  2. Read blog posts, take notes, write comments, post comments. Posting comments gives you a virtual footprint.  Makes you visible.
  3. Visit Youtube, watch videoes, make comments, subscribe, share on Facebook and twitter 
  4. Visit Facebook pages of the blogs you're reading/following, send friend requests  - add a personal note to why you want to connect with them
  5. Visit their Facebook like pages, like and COMMENT
  6. Visit their Twitter accounts, follow, retweet at least one of their tweets 
  7. Visit their LinkedIn page and connect with them  (read their links and info there too)
  8. Read their Ezine articles or the scribd or listen to their blogtalk show & SHARE the info to your social networks via facebook or twitter
Social media is about marketing and spreading your message. connections. But, first you have to engage and get a feel for it for real. If you do the above consistently, you'll develop quality relationships and it will increase your value and your following. 

See too and join!

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Demetra Hillman said...

Pam, thanks for your great content. Glad I found you on blogtalkradio and I've been a fan ever since!


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