Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here's how To Get Found and Get Famous via Google

Did you know Google is now a VERB in the dictionary? We don't go to the library to look up stuff, we "google" it.

Google is pretty much running things. I always tell my clients, “If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist.” Well, although you may exist, you are invisible to millions! So, is your ministry, business or book invisible? If you want to get out there and get noticed, the quickest way is Google.

The Internet has changed everything and social media has changed everybody. We don’t go to the Yellow Pages for phone numbers or to the library reference desk for information anymore, we Google. Even when we’re looking up information about an author or ministry, we Google!

Here are five ways to quickly gain friends, fans and followers via Google:
1. Set up a Google account. As well, set up your gmail account, youtube account and your blogger blog. It’s all done in Google because they own it all. Try not to leave anything blank.
2. Set up your “Google Profile” in your Google account. Make sure you include a photo, short bio, website links and all your social media URLs. Put in keywords that relate to your expertise.
3. Upload a video. This is the quickest way to get indexed. Youtube (remember it’s owned by Google) is the most visited website on the Internet; the Google “spiders” are always crawling in there. Make sure you name your video with good “keywords” and “tags” that people would look up when searching for you. This is critical! You want to be found by people looking for your expertise. They may not know your name, but you want them to find you because of what you do. Put it in a “keyword or key phrase.”
4. Blog. If you are not blogging, you are missing out. It’s more than just an “online diary,” the blog is the “personality” of your online presence. You can add video, photos, reviews, and articles from other sources (you must get permission first). As well, you can link to things like your facebook badge and your other social sites streams from Twitter. (See http:// for an example).
5. Link up with the big three social media sites (for guaranteed Googleness!): Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Facebook is a powerful place to build your brand and garner fans and friends. On Twitter, you can get tons of followers. Have your friends, fans, and followers meet you at your blog to really get to know you. If you are active, these social networking sites will rank you high in Google.

The whole social media experience is just plain old networking on steroids.

People do business with folks they know, like and trust. If you are transparent and au- thentic online you’ll quickly “grow” your base of friends, fans and followers.

Final tip: Don’t sell or yell on social media. The key thing to remember is that it’s about listening first and then engaging. I see so many people on social media just yelling about themselves and selling their wares. No one wants to be friends with a salesperson.

How to engage and build relationships on social media:
1. Comment on blogs and videos. Give the author or creator some encouragement; thank them for the post and let them know what you got out of their content.
2. Retweet someone else’s twitter and “like” someone’s comment on Facebook.
3. Call in to a teleconference or blogtalk show and ask questions.
4. Bottom line: In order to get friends, you have to show yourself friendly. When you’re networking or marketing online, remember that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Keep the emphasis on “social.” It’s really about building relationships with people; not numbers.

Now, what do you do to ENGAGE on social media? Are you just a "drive by" blogger or lurker? 

Tell me what you do in social media to be SOCIAL and how much time do you spend on it a week or day?

My guest, Shama Kabani, in December on the Synergy Energy show!  She rocks.


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BrandyWine said...

Thanks Pam, this site really helped me. I look forward to tuning into your show, God bless!

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

Great Brandy, thanks. See links below. Really go thru the site...tons of content and links.


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