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Puzzled by Book Sales Slump? Here are 3 Reasons Why there's NO ACTION

  3 Reasons Why Your Book Ain't Selling
by Pam Perry

I've been getting asked the same questions over and over again lately, 
and so I thought I'd answer all of those questions with this article. 
The basic gist of what people are asking me is this: "why aren't my
books selling and how can I get out there so I can speak and 
sell my books?" None of these individuals are my PR coaching 
clients, they're just folks who have published and now wonder 
why they are not selling this book like a PR Rock Star.

So here are the top 3 reasons why you're not selling your book:

1) You never got around to establishing yourself as an author.
The promotion of the book starts BEFORE the book is out!  I say that 
all the time. But, the overwhelming majority of people who publish never
really take the time to build a platform. You need to build up  an audience
of people who would want to buy their book. Having 1,000+ "friends" on 
Facebookis not a readership.  Most people create a book and think everyone
would wantto buy it and have them come speak about it once it rolls off 
the presses. And what happens when they publish the book and announce 
it to the world, the same result is the same --  they sell about 200 copies
to their friends and family.

2) You didn't market your Book.
You've just finished your first book and published it. Whew! Now it's time to sit 
back, relax and watch the sales roll in. Right? Wrong! Nothing could be further 
from the truth. Getting your book published is about 10% of the work. The 
90% of the work  involves around getting the word out and generating sales.
This is where most people who get around to publishing their book typically fail. 
They see that they still have some more work to do, and quit. It just seems 
way too hard.

3) You didn't invest in any marketing support, buy a "how to" kit or get a
I'm not here to try to sell you anything, so let's get that out of the way.  
 But what I will tell you is that those who succeed are those who are prepared. 
PEOPLE.  A lot of first time authors make mistakes - costly mistakes. How do I
know this? Because I see it. They come to me - crying and upset.  They didn't
have any help when they were publishing and had to figure this all out on their
own. They spent a lot of money trying to figure it all out and got very confused
-  and broke.

Here's what you need to understand. Without any advice or guidance, 
you're dooming yourself to learning by trial-and-error. That can be both costly 
and very time consuming. Don't make that mistake.

Here's the bottom line. I truly believe you can become a successful author.   
You need to set a goal for yourself, get some information from a professional 
and stick with it. Do what they instruct you to do. Trust me, you'll be incredibly
happy if you follow my advice.

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