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TV & Radio Publicity Secrets for Women in Business! How to build media buzz, get major publicity & become a household name even on a shoestring budget.

This is Synergy Energy! - Monique Caradine is a strategic partner of mine. Working together works. She's in ChiTown & I'm in Motown.
 By popular demand, Chicago's own TV & Radio Personality Monique Caradine is once again hosting TV & Radio Publicity Secrets for Women in Business How to build media buzz, get major publicity and become a household name even on a shoestring budget.

As a producer, host and frequent guest on local and national TV & Radio programs, Monique sees the mistakes publicity-seekers make all the time.  During this two-hour workshop she will reveal the new rules for getting publicity. 

You'll also get insight from several of her media colleagues currently working in syndicated radio, national print outlets and local TV.  They'll give you the dos and dont's of pitching the media and help you gain a huge publicity advantage over your competition.

Are you ready to make this your year?  Then join Monique Caradine for this info-packed teleseminar.  It's all done by phone from the comfort of your home or office...and the price is ridiculously reasonable!!

Click here to learn more: Monique's Teleseminar 

I suggest you take her teleseminar. 

In an era of online news magazines, blogs and 24-hour news stations, having a publicity strategy is a no-brainer.  The opportunities for experts, authors and businesses to get media exposure are endless.  The competition, however, is extremely fierce.

So how do you grab the attention of media gatekeepers when they are routinely flooded with pitches from people looking to leverage the power of publicity?  TV/Radio personality and media consultant Monique Caradine says mastering what she calls the “new rules of publicity” is key.

Having hosted and co-produced several TV & radio shows over the past decade, Caradine has combed through thousands of pitches, press releases and media kits.  Because of common mistakes, the vast majority wind up in the so-called circular file.  “We live by deadlines so the goal is to identify guests with unique, compelling stories in a matter of 5 seconds or less,” she said.

Unfortunately, far too many great stories and guests get overlooked because most people don’t have a clue of how to get the interest of the media.  “Even some publicists don’t know how to pitch correctly,” Caradine said.

On her list of common mistakes publicity seekers make Caradine sites the following: press releases that are too long, too promotional or simply not newsworthy and pitches that are boring, off topic and have nothing to do with the overall focus of the show.

These pitfalls, Caradine says, can be easily overcome if publicity seekers employ some new publicity strategies:

1.)    Tell a compelling story or solve a problem, don’t just promote!  Ten years ago it was okay to use a press release to announce a new product or new hire.  Now, nobody really gives a hoot about that. Your press release has to do more especially since journalists are not the only ones privy to them.  Always assume that your target market is reading your release. Tell a story or solve a problem that resonates with them and speak their language.

2.)    Be edgy, vulnerable and honest.  When you decide to go after media exposure, your willingness to push the envelope will get you noticed.  Share the good, the bad and the ugly.  Then tie your overall message into that.  Done correctly, this strategy will get people buzzing about you.

3.)    Make yourself magnetic.  It’s cool to pitch a story to the media, but it’s even cooler to have them come to you.  Diversifying your publicity arsenal by using social media can help you become a media magnet.  Not only will you draw the attention of your target market, but strategically using tools like Twitter, Blogs, YouTube and FaceBook will put you on the media radar.   Couple this with some old school publicity tactics and you could position yourself as a potential “go-to” guest for the top local and national media outlets.

“It’s not about getting publicity just for the sake of being seen,” Caradine said.  It’s about knowing how to capitalize on your visibility and turning that audience into loyal followers hungry for your message and eager to spread it.”

In 1998, Caradine became the youngest midday host at Chicago’s WVON radio, headlining a cutting-edge and award winning show.  In 2003 she left to launch Momentum Media Group which provides media training and consulting to female executives, authors and entrepreneurs.

Caradine has been featured on CNN, FOX and National Public Radio. She is also a noted speaker and workshop facilitator.  She currently hosts and co-produces Perspective, a weekly news affairs program airing on FOX affiliate My50 Chicago.  Her upcoming teleseminar called TV & Radio Publicity Secrets for Women in Business: How to build media buzz, get major publicity and become a household name even on a shoestring budget takes place Friday, February 26, 2010. 

For more information, Click her website here. 

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