Friday, October 23, 2009

BRAND better - but don't forget to Build Relationships. Divine Connections Take you to the NEXT Level!

Leah Hubbard (Publicity VA) and Pam Perry, PR coach
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Stop branding and start building profitable relationships. Many businesses are falling prey to the branding epidemic. We see big business spending so much money on branding and we might be hypnotized to follow the herd chasing the branding grail. Stop right now. Stop that foolish branding. You have a far better tool than branding. That tool is building relationships.

Individuals and small business are better at building relationships. That's your strength. Big business can't build relationships. That's why they resort to branding. That's the only type of relationship that big business can create. Branding is a cold relationship and one sided. It is all about the big business controlling conformity within their organization.

Branding sends messages that say that our company is great. Branding speaks about the company not about the customers. That's one of the reasons that branding can be so expensive and offensive.

Small business would be better off to focus on relationship building instead of branding. Relationships are built on engagement, personalization and warmth.

Relationships say, "We think we have great customers." How can you build stronger relationships? Personalize your conversations. Remember the TV show, Cheers - where everybody knows your name. Praise your customers. Compliment them. Give them awards for continued loyalty. Hold appreciation events.

Personalize your service. Instead of treating everybody the same, discover how they want to be treated then treat them that way. Don't hide behind corporate policy. Think about the TV show "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. No branding needed when you have a relationship. Build stronger relationships with your customers and you won't need to worry about branding.

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