Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 Items to Include in Your Press Kit for Authors

Building your press kit takes time and planning. Your press kit will play a major role in getting free publicity for your book, so you want to make sure that it includes as much valuable information about you and your book as possible.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the media to feature you in a story. Once you have gathered your information, make sure to post it online for journalist to have access to it 24/7.

Your press kit will always be a work in progress as you are constantly updating your information to reflect the success that you are having with your book.

1. A standard press release announcing your book, giving information about you as a writer, and your availability for speaking engagements is a standard inclusion in your press kit. (see previous post on blog)

2. A press release that uses an interesting angle, topic, or media tie-in will make it easier for the media to write multiple stories about you.

3. A pitch letter giving the media all the different angles that could be featured from your book. Be as creative as possible, but make sure that you don’t stretch too thin. The angles that you provide have to directly tie-in to your book so that it can be a featured resource.

4. A list of possible interview questions will help the reporter put together an interview more quickly. You have taken a lot of the work out of their hands. Also, this helps you get the information out to the audience that you think is important in the promotion of your book. (contact Ministry Marketing Solutions for samples).

5. Include a media alert that refers to any recent news or events and how it is relevant to you and your book.

6. Your author biography is vital to your press kit. The media will want to know what authority you have for writing your book as well as any interesting facts about your past that could be used as a media angle.

7. Your professional photo should be a headshot and have good quality for scanning and reproduction. Make sure that it is updated at least every two years to reflect how you look at the current time.

8. Any copies of stories written about you relating to your book should be included so the journalist can see how others have reported on you. You should keep an ongoing file to keep all printed stories you have been featured in.

9. Your book tour schedule, which may be 5 local book signings, or 50 booksignings and speaking engagements around the country should be included to give the journalist an opportunity to attend and write about it in their story. The media loves photo opportunities, so plan as many events as possible.

10. One of your business cards which includes your contact information and possibly a photo of you and your book.

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