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The Three "P's" Why Video Needs to Be in Your Ministry Marketing Plan

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By Guest Blogger: Theresa Croft

So why video? Why would you want to include online videos in your ministry marketing or business advertising plan?

I have such a passion to see people use the tools available online to promote their gifts and callings on the internet. Video is one of those passions.

So here are the Three P's why video should be considered seriously as you begin to find ways online to make contacts, promote your music or ministry, or to use it as a business marketing option. The three p's center on:

1. The POWER of video online

Recent studies by the Wharton School of Business for one, show that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over live presentations. Another study illustrates the fact that video increases a viewers memory or recall of information shown to them by 50% over print material. Video is shown to convert a potential customer three times higher than printed material.

Ann Sieg just released her latest amazing E-Book called The Attraction Marketers Manifesto, where she quotes some astounding statistics about the internet.

For one, she states, "People are starting to use the internet more than they watch tv..or even read the newspaper."

She quotes a powerful fact from a recent Jupiter research report that found that more than 25% of the people they studied have cut back on watching they can spend more time on the internet.

"On top of that," Ann writes, "18% of people in the study said they were reading newspapers less and getting more information on the internet instead."

She concludes with the obvious fact, "Thanks to the internet, you can now get your message in front of more prospects than ever before in the history of the world."

So why are people watching less television to be online? To watch videos, podcasts, and live streaming on the internet! The number of videos being uploaded at YouTube, just one of many video sites, are staggering.

2. Passion

Another reason why video needs to be included in your ministry marketing plan is the power of passion. Video is one tool where people can really see your passion. If you really enjoy something and it seems time just flies by when you're involved with that activity, it probably means you are quite passionate about the subject or object.

I used to have a passion for playing golf. I'd get up as a teenager at 5:00 am just to hit golf balls on the range before going to school.

I had another passion about riding my Harley-Davidson a while back. I'd ride it to work or anywhere I could think. If I could get a gallon of milk in my saddle bag, I would ride it to the grocery store. I read everything I could about motorcycles, and wrote quite a few short novels about my adventures riding all over the South East, with my husband. (I have a HD Fatboy; he has a HD Road Glide).

With video you can take the knowledge and passion you have and make a visual connection to create a lasting impression. You can connect emotionally, personally, showing forth your own integrity. You can't fake passion. You build trust as you share your knowledge and passion.

3. Prepare

Finally, the reason why video is one of the biggest success factors to online promotion is it prepare your viewer to receive more valuable content from you. You can impact them emotionally creating a lasting memory of you. You can give them a call to action to go to a specific link for more information. You can blend your message and personality giving them a desire to want more from you.

For example, you could be a traveling evangelist sharing the Word with your video ministry. Someone could see you and think "Hey, this man or woman is so anointed. I want him/her to come to my church and preach."

So, now you can see three simple key reasons why video needs to be on your ministry or business advertising agenda. But you may ask HOW?

One solution could be the new The Easy Video Producer, which you can incorporate in your ministry marketing online. This simple online software is not only free and easy to use, but also gives you templates and embedded codes to put that video onto your own ministry pages, Facebook, Shoutlife, or on your blog.

Now is your time to go forward by using video in your ministry marketing plan as you go in the direction of your destiny!

Theresa Croft is a ministry marketing consultant and coach leading with Online Marketing Strategies for today's Christian Ministries. She is the producer of and creator of the Keys To Be Free Video Ministry. For more information along with a Free Video Series teaching key video tips in learning about the "Power OF Video For Your Business or Ministry Marketing Plan", visit

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