Friday, June 19, 2009

Before you put yourself “Out There”… Do You have the Edge?

Here’s how to get it!

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.” John Maxwell

If you really want to “get out there” – make sure your packaging is tight. Work on the outside packaging as well as the “inside package.” If not, you’ll be hiring a publicist to do crisis PR for you because you’ll need someone to do reputation management. And it’s harder to stop bad press than to create good press!

So, what is the Edge? It’s that “IT” factor that propels success in life. Do you have it? People who have the Edge share a number of characteristics. They are successful, but never at the expense of others. They are people who genuinely love and care about others. They abide by the Golden Rule and excellence (not perfection) is their goal.

They are long-term survivors in the business world, which has a way of devouring its own. They survive because they maintain friends. Relationships are the key to their success. They know more than networking. They connect with others and click!

Here are some of the qualities that can help you develop the Edge – which is essential before any PR campaign is to begin.

1. DEPENDABILITY. Do what you say you will do

You may hear gossip, but you do not have to pass it along. Don’t spread something that is confidential.

3. RESPONSIBILITY. People with the Edge accept responsibility for their actions and don’t blame others if they fail.

4. COMMUNICATION. Keep in touch. Call people back.

5. GENEROSITY. Make a habit of being generous and kind. Do things for free without expecting a return for it. Volunteer.

6. COURTESY AND KINDNESS. If you can’t pray about it – don’t talk about. Speak well of people or do not speak at all!

7. INTEGRITY AND ETHICS. If you can’t do it in front of your child, then don’t do.

8. PERSISTENCE. No one is ever a success in life unless they know how to persist. This is probably the most single way to get the EDGE!

Victory is assured to those who endure – until the end. Almost everyone has one good idea, one good effort, one good impulse. People with the Edge prove themselves by repeatedly being willing to do what others will not. They are not quitters. They are relentless and will try every angle and research every opportunity – and because they are relationship driven – will enlist the help of their friends.

Before you think a good photo, brochure, corporate logo, website and press kit will give you the Edge – think again. The Edge is takes time to develop. Character counts and it starts on the inside.

No amount of PR can promote the right message if you don’t have the right interior motives. It takes time to become that sharp, so you might as well start now: in business, you are only as good as your relationships – with God, Yourself and others.

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Dr. LaKeidra S. said...

As always, this is great information Pam! I'm so glad that I did complete the PR boot camp! I am currently in the process of working with Dawn to update my blog appearance! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Thanks for all that you do!

Coach Delisha said...

Coach Pam,

As you have come to notice I enjoy reading all your social media posts! However, this may just be my favorite one because this is the key or core to the other aspects of "getting yourself out there". Thanks for sharing:)

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

Thank you Ladies, continue to "shine" on and fight the "good" fight!


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