Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Christian Writers Should Blog

As writers, you'd think we would naturally want to write and share with others. You'd think so, but some of us need some urging, pushing, or maybe even a touch of confidence. That is what I need and blogging is one of the tools that not only got me started but also boosted my confidence. Many of us may not be aware of the medium of blogging and what a powerful tool it can be for us as Christian writers.

Blogging can be used by just about anyone, but it is especially good for writers. As a person who was slow to admit that I was a “writer” blogging has been a jumping off place for me, a way of “testing the waters."

Since I lacked confidence in myself when I first starting my journey as a writer I began by blogging. This actually stemmed from my love of journaling and after coming online I found the medium we know as a web log or online journal, more commonly referred to as a blog. It felt like journaling, but it involved typing, and other people actually read it. Unlike my journal which I hoped was always private.

After months of blogging I received many words of encouragement and compliments about my writing via my blog. I even received a phone call from someone wanting to hire me to write for them. That was when it clicked for me. My writing was worth something. Since then, I have been writing for more than just a blog, but, my blog still holds great purpose.

Blogging helps me as a Christian writer in many other ways, it gives me a place to write freely without having to have a purpose, it gives me a place to connect with my readers and it allows me to “practice” writing on a daily basis.

All of these things are important,but connecting is one of the most important. You want your readers to connect with you more than just through your writing but also as a person. After all if they feel that they know you, can trust you, and like you then they are more likely to buy from you.

Another thing that they will do is to tell others about you and your work, and as we all know one of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth. So, why not open your mouth through blogging and start the chatter?

About the guest blogger:
Alyssa Avant is a writer, author, speaker, talk show host and business owner. She is the founder of Beauty by Design Ministries, which is a ministry to girls, of all ages, and their moms. She also is the host of the Mom-Daughter Connection Radio Show and Podcast, which is a weekly radio talk show that caters to the needs of the mom-daughter relationship.

Alyssa holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi in Psychology and a minor in English. She currently publishes a monthly column in the North Mississippi Christian Family Magazine. In addition to her monthly column, Alyssa has published several journals and books, which are currently for sale.

She says, "Writing is my passion and I want to personally share that passion with my clients." visit her at:

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Colleen said...

enjoyed your post. I agree with it too. Blogging helps me practice and helps me connect as well. Also, helps me to take time to "ponder" more in my heart.

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Hi Pam,
I am struggling with my blog. I have been a professional writer (worked in PR for 10 years), graduated with a degree in journalism, wrote an edited a publication for a Christian community, but I cannot attract writers to my blog!
I am so frustrated and would love an honest review of my blog and someone with experience to tell me what I am doing wrong or what I need to do right. I've read other people's blogs and they don't seem to have the substance of content that mine does yet they have tons of followers.
I guess my hope and dream is to use this as a launching pad for freelance writing or to at least be an active part in respected online blogs such as High Calling Blogs; Internet Cafe; and others. I will have a guest post on Nov. 10 at (in)courage--a blog site sponsored by DaySpring Christian cards and products and a division of Hallmark.
If you would offer me any suggestions, I would welcome them.


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