Friday, January 02, 2009

Pastor Andre Butler - Atlanta Live Interview - "How to Recession Proof YOUR Life"

Just Say No (Excerpt from NOT IN MY HOUSE)
A New Book coming by Pastor Andre Butler that will show you how to recession proof your life!

I’ve made a decision: I’m not going to participate in the recession. You know, the recession that’s all over the news? The one that every newspaper reporter and TV correspondent is talking about? The one that half the world is panicked about?
I simply decided I’m not going to join them. If they want to wallow in recession, that’s up to them—but I’m not going to participate. Recession? I’ve decided to just say no.

Instead, I’m spending my time doing three things. First, I’m making my house recession proof. Second, I’m preparing for God to bring increase in every area of my life. And third, I’m writing this book to tell you why you don’t have to participate in the recession, either—and to show you exactly how to recession-proof your own house.

Please understand I’m not denying that the world is in bad shape economically. It’s happening all around us. The world is going through a deep financial crisis because the United States is going through a financial crisis. There’s a mortgage crisis and a credit crisis. The stock market is on a roller coaster. People are struggling, losing their jobs, their retirements, their savings and their homes. They’re worried about their IRAs, their 401Ks and their HSAs. It’s no wonder that most people are afraid.

We, however, are not “most people.” God called us a peculiar people, a people set apart. While the world goes through a recession, as followers of Jesus we don’t have to. While the world caves in to fear, we know “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (see 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV).

Financial ruin and the fear that accompanies it can happen all around us, but they don’t have to happen to us. Instead we can look and see that the wealth of the sinner is getting ready to come into the hands of the just. This is not only for our benefit; it is part of God’s plan to expand His Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Someone has to finance it and who better to do that than God’s people?

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