Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Position Yourself as "The Brand" - Hear CPN Member & "Celebrate PR Strategist" Karen Taylor Bass

My dear friend, Karen Taylor Bass has launched her new book! I'm so proud of her - and I'm glad I could contribute a chapter to it on book publicity. This book is the "nuts and bolts" of how to run your own PR campaign - on a budget.
Positioning Yourself for an Opportunity
By Karen Taylor Bass

The economy is bad, however, now is the BEST time to become an entrepreneur. Build your brand, know your niche, have a plan and most importantly, know how to get FREE PR to build a successful brand and get noticed.

Here are a several signature steps to separate your BRAND and MISSION from the COMPETITION.

You want it so bad - you can taste, drink, and see your success. Are you ready for success? Is your team in place? Many times people are not prepared for the avalanche of blessings when they occur, please be ready. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Be prepared. Success can smell success. Have that look about you, dress appropriately, and have your message on hand to deliver the pitch and close the deal. If you believe in your product others will come to the party in a matter of time.

2) Reputation is everything. Let you work and rep speak for you. If you give your word, honor it. Don't commit if you cannot meet deadline - people always remember the screw up.

3) Be outspoken. If you don't agree with someone's agenda or how they are positioning your product speak up. Being amenable to everything will not garner fans, only enemies down the line.

4) Be well rounded. Make certain that you are always briefed on current events; this will empower you to have a conversation with any CEO, mogul or average Joe.

5) Be proactive. If there is someone that you want to get in contact with - reach out. Write a letter, send an email, and make a call, look within your circle for a connection. Work in that order and you will get results.

6) Never too busy. Time is a premium and you are a priority. Make certain that you treat yourself and others that way. If someone is reaching out to you, then you must respond in a timely fashion. Karma is everything.

7) Get to know the "team." Don't be an elitist and ignore the administrative assistant, reception, mailroom clerks, etc. They are the ones really running the company and are privy to information. Say hello to everyone and become allies with those in the "know" don't get confused with office trappings (corner office, title, expense account).

8) Be Wacky to stand out. Make your own rules. Send Christmas/Holiday cards in June; Valentine Cards in December. Set your own tone and be noticed.

9) Stay out of gossip.
Don't get caught up not minding your business, which means not taking care of your money. If you have an opinion, speak directly to the respective party you have an "issue" with.

10) Dream vampires. I would not advise you to share your dream with people unless they are like - minded and posses the same energy as you. Record your dreams in a journal and talk with God.

11) Network and utilize your connections. I don't know why we always forget to tap into our database and circle. Join organizations to widen your networking base and utilize your friends/co-workers/affiliation to make the introduction for you.

12) Empower yourself and others.
Real simple - give back to others from a sacred space and be counted. You can volunteer, make a contribution or just be there for someone in need.

13) Be consistent.
If you provide service a certain way - continue to provide it that same way, only BETTER.

14) Be Viral.
The Internet is a force and you must participate. For companies to prosper they must register with an online social network for connections (LINKEDIN, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter); blog; e-blast newsletters; webinars; and podcast.

15) Smile and look engaging.

Hear Karen on the Chocolate Pages Show:

Caviar Moment: Get out there and be counted. Be purposeful, be poised, and be consistent.

Excerpt taken from the book - ©You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins - A Smart Do-It-Yourself- PR Guide For Those On A Budget.;

(reprinted from an article which appeared in the November 2008 issue of
The Network Journal)

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