Friday, September 07, 2007

The Media, The Message and The Mind

What are you putting in your eye gate?
By Pamela Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc.

I am mad. I am fed up with a media and its negative influence on our thought life. Kids (and those who don’t know any better) and especially susceptible. Media has created monsters that kill, steal and destroy. We are hit by millions of messages daily and most of those messages deteriorating our morals, our family life, our society overall.

Media messages surround us daily- all day. We wake up to clock radios, flick on the TV and grab the newspaper. On the way to work, as we listen to subliminal negative messages in music or depressing, sensationalized news. We see billboards reminding us of the latest alcohol drink. Once at work, the bulletin boards are filled with more foolishness, or our e-mail has some outrageous filth from anonymous sources. When we get home, more junk mail to sort through. Our TV entertainment is not motivating. Even our tape/CD or book clubs have fewer and fewer selections of inspiring, nourishing messages.

I am tired of Harry Potter casting “spells” on our children. Why would I want my daughter to be fascinated by witches, sorcerers and other creatures of darkness? I am sick of the rap music that promotes hatred and violence. I am stunned by movies and music videos that pump visions of illicit sex and soft pornography into the minds of babes.

Then there’s the internet with a new form of perversion all together. A friend of mine told me that her son was almost kicked out of college for spending too much time surfing websites created for “adult entertainment”. He got caught up and spent more time with that stuff instead of the books.

Wonder why the world is so messed up? Garbage in—garbage out. What you think about, you become. When you run around with a head full of junk, you do stupid stuff. The media prods with every step. Somebody is always promoting something. We are in the Information Age with tons of messages tossed around daily. What are you promoting? But more importantly, what are you taking in?

The Information Age is good because the information that God wants to get out will get out quicker, faster and more profound than ever. Media is not our master. Jesus is Lord and Master. He has given us a better message and the bible has all the answers.

My career in public relations has really enhanced my awareness of the power of the media. Its impact could make or break a career or make someone an instant “millionaire.” Ad agencies spend millions of dollars to create images. For many, media is the compass of their life. Whatever the media spews out people take in and shape their opinions around it or buy whatever it’s selling. Some people believe the voice of Oprah rather than their own “still, small voice” within. Who or what do you believe?

That’s why it is so important that Believers take back the media. The world needs the message of the gospel and is waiting for it. We must inject messages of faith to counter the messages of fear. It’s time to reverse the demonic assaults that have plagued airwaves and our thought-waves. The time is now to market the message to the masses! The violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12).

I yelled “Look at God!” in the middle of Walgreen’s on September 12 when I saw Bishop T.D. Jakes on the cover of Time magazine. Do you think that was a coincidence or does God have a plan? As the nation prays, God is enlarging our territory according to the prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10).

When we spend hours and hours soaking in junk TV, reading garbage magazines instead of feeding our mind with life—the Word of God, we are destroying ourselves. We have a choice of life or death; prosperity or disaster. The Bible instructs us in the way to live to have success, “Study this Book of the Law continually. Meditate on it day and night so you may be sure to obey all that is written in it (the Bible). Only then will you succeed” (Joshua 1:8 NLT). James 1:27 say, “refuse to let the world corrupt us” (NLT).

Don’t get sucked in by the media mess, guard your heart with all diligence. If the devil wanted to enter your mind, would you let him in if he knocked on the door? No. He knows he has to come very deceptively. He comes center-stage disguised as a message you have been enticed to receive. Don’t be deceived by Satan’s devices. Reject his junk!

Our world has changed dramatically since we’ve witnessed terrorism first hand, up close on our U.S. shores. We’re not as comfortable as we used to be. A lot of sleepy Christians are now awake and see that the time is now to “be a witness” (Acts 1:8). it’s time to fight the good fight of faith! The media is that last frontier and the devil is trying to pull out all his junk and spew out fear, hate and corruption. But read the end of the Book; we win! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that “Jesus is Lord.”

The media has power, but God has ALL power. Who are you going to follow?

Pam Perry is 20-year PR professional and the chief visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc., a public relations and marketing consulting firm in Farmington, Michigan. Visit She has weekly podcasts and free daily eblasts on media and ministry. Also see her myspace at

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Phyllis McKay said...

My goodness! I'm sure your keyboard is still smoking after typing that post. Such a powerful message. Actually, everything that you stated is why the mission of Third Timothy Publications was birthed. Our goal is to exalt the name of Jesus and cast down every image that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

Wonderful message. With your permission I would love to post this message on our website.

Be Blessed,
Phyllis McKay


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