Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Power to Achieve God's Plan

Achieving Your Divine Potential by Bishop Jim Lowe

In this book, readers will learn practical ways to:

Train your mind to be increasingly receptive to the revelation of Holy Spirit of God.

Increase the potential for the power of God to work within you and in your life.

Develop the confidence to tackle any challenge and triumph over it.

Learn how to break the shackles of bondage imposed by years of improper thinking.

Using simple and practical principles learn how to position yourself in the will of God.

Learn how to use biblical meditation techniques to transform your way of thinking and improve your quality of living.

Come to realize and utilize the divine power that God has made available to you to overcome all problems in your life.

Discover the general and specific will of God for you and then learn how to cooperate with the power of God to bring his will to pass for you.

Develop a more personal and intimate relationship with God.

Learn how to create a positive environment for the miraculous to occur in your life.

Available on Amazon.com and in fine bookstores eveywhere.


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