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Finding Your Place Called There...

Finding Your Place Called There...
In Business Sandra Steen urges business owners
to create a “kingdom explosion” in the marketplace

“Life, energy, passion and excitement
surround us,” says Sandra Steen as she
suddenly moves to the whiteboard for
an illustration. “I believe being successful
in business and in life means being
purpose-driven.” She begins to draw,
“Here’s your purpose in the center and
here’s life all around it. If everything you
do is not directly connected to your
God-given purpose, then your ability
to be impactful in any area of life is in
danger. You can’t work for God’s kingdom
and be out of place – finding your
place called ‘there’ is not a destination,
but a journey.”

According to Steen, we have a responsibility
to understand our purpose.

“Life fulfillment and joy comes from understanding
your purpose,” she explains.
“When you’re not operating in purpose,
joy robbers like frustration and jealousy
prevent you from realizing joy and experiencing
true, God-given success.”

Steen’s message is captivating. And
her voice reaches corporate America,
serving an impressive list of Fortune
500 clients such as SONY, Proctor and
Gamble, SBC, JCPenney, Frost Bank,
H-E-B, and Wal-Mart.

Companies hire Sandra Steen because
she speaks a purpose driven
message that provides a rare blend of
bold energy, incredible enthusiasm and
life-changing information.
Steen’s workshops target spirit, inspiration,
motivation and destination.

For more than 13 years, Steen’s clients
have come back and remained loyal to
her philosophy. “They always tell me or
my staff that their business experiences
dynamic breakthroughs and environmental
changes following each session.

Changes that occur once the individual
realizes their inner purpose and capture
abundant and joyous living.”
Steen credits her first speaking engagement
to the church. She was just
six years old when she realized her life’s
calling, and faced the task of addressing
her church’s congregation to deliver a
five-minute speech. She was undaunted.
Instead of shrinking in fear, she strode
to the podium, seized hold of the microphone,
and exceeded her allotted
time, gaining strength and confidence
with each word.

Sandra Steen shares a message that
transcends all levels of life, from the
corporate businessperson, to the entrepreneur
to the stay-at-home mom.

According to Steen, when people find
their purpose, the next step is to act
on it. She is extraordinarily skilled at
encouraging people to find a vision and
the motivation to take action.

“I don’t have the power to change
your life,” Steen explains, “You do. I
can plant the seeds, but ultimately each
person has the ability to take action that
will bring about change.”

Sandra Steen’s message of purposeful
living is recognized internationally. She
has shared her message all over the
globe, from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Sydney,
Australia and now in her own home
court – San Antonio.

In addition to working with Fortune
500 companies, Steen has recently partnered
with churches, non-profit organizations
and educational institutions.
“Here’s what I ask myself, ‘Is God
interested in building any kingdom
other than his?’” Steen shares that her
kingdom perspective has been greatly
expanded under the teaching of Rick
Godwin, Senior Pastor of Eagles’ Nest
Christian Fellowship. Steen has been
a long-time member of ENCF. Steen
shares, “Rick’s messages continue to
create life-changing experiences in my
life; this life is not about me – it’s about
the impact and experience that I create
for others.

I am convinced that creating a “kingdom
explosion” removes us from the pattern
of business as usual. Our assignment
in life is to be rightly positioned. Being
in that right place is powerful for the
corporation as well as for the individual.
I believe that when you are in your right
place, everyone should benefit from your

In an ongoing effort to partner with
the community and the church, Sandra
Steen is speaking at Family Praise
Center’s Winner’s Circle on September
10, 2005. Family Praise Center (FPC),
a multicultural church with over 4,000
members and two locations in San Antonio,
began in 1993. In 1997, they began
a marketplace ministry forum called
Winner’s Circle. Designed to equip the
businessperson with both information
and resources, its quarterly session has
an attendance of nearly 100 business
owners, entrepreneurs and corporate

“My passion is excellence and I look
for it everywhere, in business and in
people.” declares Steen. I love what
FPC is doing with business people – it’s
cutting edge. The church should deliver
the same level of service to its members
that we would expect any corporation
to deliver to its top clients.”

The Winner’s Circle was created to
provide an opportunity for local business
owners to network their talents
and resources. We are about equipping
them with the principles and tools to be
successful spiritually, emotionally, and
financially,” states Will Norris, Minister
of Education at FPC.

“We’ve partnered with Sandra Steen
in the past and we’ve seen the incredible
fruits of her work. We don’t take it lightly
that she is joining with us for our third
quarter event and know that she will
deliver a relevant message.”

“The amazing thing about Sandra
Steen is that she understands the dynamics
of marketplace ministry, it’s not
about you, it’s about the kingdom of
God. That’s what makes her message a
perfect fit.”

Sandra Steen, an internationally
renowned inspirational speaker and
author, has won business audiences
over with her positive messages of
joy, fulfillment and purpose. She is the
President and CEO of Sandra Steen &
Associates, Inc., an international speaking,
training and consulting firm, started
in San Antonio in May 1993.
For more information on Sandra
Steen and Sandra Steen & Associates,
Inc. contact 210.804.0655 or visit

“If everything you do is not directly connected
to your God-given purpose, then your
ability to create a meaningful impact in any
area of your life and the lives of others is in
danger.” “You can’t work for the kingdom
and be out of place – finding your place called
“there” is not a destination, but a journey.”
– Sandra Steen

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