Thursday, April 04, 2013

Creating Money Success Based on Your Faith Just Got Easier

What would this world be like if more women held more wealth in their hands?

And how much better would the world be if more women relied on their faith to not only grow wealth, but use it to bless others?

I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing a shift. It’s wonderful to see money shift into the hands of those who are self-less, compassionate and real.

As a faith-driven, spirit-led woman, God wants you to fully believe that making fabulous money is part of your faith-driven purpose. To prepare for this mission, we have to first shake out all the money drama that causes us pain and holds us back.

If your faith is screaming for a better way to grow and expand your money, I invite you to join me for an exciting virtual summit taking place April 8-12, 2013.

The Victory Over Money Drama virtual summit features 15 luminaries who will teach you how to experience money harmony and create new money habits

In a hurry? Click on the link below:

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn attending the
  • 5 Things You Must Do to UNLEASH to 6 Figures In Your Faith Based Business in the Next 12 Month
  • 5 Ways to Go Beyond the Numbers & Increase Your Financial Self-Awareness
  • Money Can’t Find Your If You Are Hiding Out! Discover How to Finally Embrace the Powerful Work You are Here to Do
  • From Monetary Chaos to Rich Cashflow
  • How to Develop New Habits for Financial Abundance
  • 7 Wealthy Habits of Financially Successful Women
  • How to Make Your Job an Option & Not a Necessity
  • 5 Steps to Create Visibility And Movement with Your Message
  • Change Your Mind Change Your Money
  • 5 Key Elements to Fully Embrace Wealthy Living
  • How to Kick the Habit of Undervaluing and Underpricing
  • The Principle of 6 Jars: How to Return to God, Bless Others & Cover Your Needs No Matter How Much Money You Make
  • How to be Your Own Publicist with Style, Class and Charm
  • How to Use Your Personal Charm To Attract Thousands of Facebook Fan and Increase Your Wealth & Influence While Doing It
  • The Leadership Mastery Formula: 7 Smart & Savvy Tips to Help You Lead with Impact & Influence
The host of the Victory Over Money Drama virtual summit  Leesa Renee Hall, is bringing together bestselling authors, success coaches and international speakers (including me) to share these tactics with you. From April 8-12, 2013, we’ll share how to transform your relationship with money while putting God first.

And Leesa is giving away a complimentary digital package just for taking the time to look at the details for the Victory Over Money Drama virtual summit page.

Get more info by going to:

P.S. Join us too if you're interested in how we put all this together and how you
can brand like this: go to - Leesa will
be the guest/expert this Tuesday.

Let's do this!

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