Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to share on Twitter & How to Build Your Brand (presentation)

Ok, so you signed up and got your Twitter account. 
Now what do you tweet about? You do a couple of tweets and you read others tweet – but you just don’t get it. 

 How do people really use Twitter and in 140 characters or less? How to you become a LEADER on Twitter? 

Here are some ways to use Twitter to make it effective in your overall online marketing and branding:

1. Link to helpful articles. Add your own comments or ask for feedback.
2. Teach a lesson in 140 characters. Add #lesson after
3. Invite people to subscribe to your ezine, blog, or facebook page.
4. Tell your followers you have a free gift on your website.
5. Re-tweet good posts by other people, but don't go overboard—most of your tweets should be yours.
6. Announce a conference, book or CD release.
7. Make introductions to people who are also on Twitter. (Just use the "@" sign)
8. Congratulate others when they share good news.
9. Sparingly link to your own blog posts. Don’t over promote yourself.
10. Tweet out videos (yours or others) from Youtube.
11. Post an inspirational quote or message. Show your personality. Add #quote after it if you can.
12. Ask questions that encourage responses. Engage!

Final tip: Don’t sell in social media.
Don’t yell on social media. 

The key thing to remember is that it’s about listening first – and engaging.

I see so many people on social media just yelling about themselves and selling their wares.

 No one wants to be friends with a salesperson.  
"Branding is a promise to those you serve," Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist 
Building Your Brand Online: Tools of Engagement

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