Sunday, May 22, 2011

Social Media Swag Powerpoint and comments from Jesse Cole

Here's what one attended said:

"Not only was the Social Media Swag Seminar helpful, but it gave me the boost that I needed. I am in a critical point in my life, business and ministry where every decision I make actually counts towards something. I can not invest in things that don't Profit and Deliver, I can truly say I am pleased with the return on this investment. Way To Go Pam!!!"

Jesse Cole, CVO, Jesse Speaks International,

See too and join!


Shelita said...

Having the opportunity to actually do hands on training in the Seminar was excellent! Pam your presentation was creative, informative and persuaded me on another level how important social media is in promoting my brand! You even provided us with a social media swag booklet to take home to make sure that we get it! I will continue on my journey to Reign in Social Media, Thanks so much Pam for showing me how!

Author Mattia Bolton said...

I'm very happy to be part of this team. I'm looking forward to all that I will learn from you. Pam I'm already learning so much and growing tremendously.
Thanks Pam for taking the vision that GOD has given to me to the next level.
I truly appreciate you!
I love you
Be Blessed~


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