Monday, February 21, 2011

The Swag of Social Media

Got Swag?
Pam Perry, PR Coach & social media strategist

You’ve heard the term swag lately. Someone may say, “I like your swag” or “He’s got swag!” And although you may not find this popular term in Merriam-Webster’s version of the dictionary, it is used worldwide by teens, recording artists, TV critics and most importantly for your sake… social media marketing! 

I know, I know. Before you tell me how you don’t know how to tweet and have no desire to tweet, twit, or Facebook, for that matter, let me let you in on a secret. Social media can be your business’ ticket to success. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

Swag (or swagger) is a term used to describe someone’s style, personality, the way they carry themselves, and their level of confidence. It’s a person’s walk, their talk. It’s their attitude, but in a good way! We’ve all got some level of swag… well, some more than others.

I'm working on my book, THE SWAG OF SOCIAL MEDIA, where I challenge you to ‘get your swag on’ and make social media work for YOU and your BRAND!

Check out my Tweets via the cool hash tag #socialmediaswag - which are leading up to the book (due out in June) at

Hey, if YOU got Social Media Swag, post up a TWEET and hashtag it with "#socialmediaswag" at the end your tweet. 

Any time you have a cool video, quote, blog post or cinchcast, or whatever is SWAG  - TWEET IT and I'll include your examples in the book!  (Remember to put the #socialmediaswag at the end of the tweet so we can archive it!)

SEO + Publicity + Social Media = ?

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