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Social Networking has Changed the Game - and are the Boomers Feeling Left Behind?

The Social Network - What? Why? Huh?

social media overload

Are You Over 40 and You Sorta Don't Have a Clue About Social Media?

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Ok, Say You Do Know (What) Social Media is... Do You Really Know How To Use It to Promote your Stuff (and make money)?

If You're Over 40 years old & You want to Learn about Social Media for your Business Without the all the Fluff...
Join Our "Over 40 Social Media Telesminar"
Thursday, October 7,  2010 at 9 pm EST

Social Media

Pam Perry: who's a PR Coach and Social Media Strategist delivering online   branding and marketing solutions for best-selling authors, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.  She is the Chief Visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. and internet radio host of Chocolate Pages where she has interviewed authors such as Kirk Franklin, Rev. Run, Demond Wilson and Yolanda Adams. Perry, an Emmy-award winning TV producer, is also a columnist with Gospel Today and blogs for, on Branding, Marketing and Public Relations 2.0 tactics.  She was recently named by BrandMaker News as one of 25 Urban Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter. @pamperry - Oh, and she's 50! :)
ebooks Ralph Claxton, not known to most but he has a client base that would envy any small SEO marketing company. Ralph loves to teach individuals and business owners about Wordpress, Twitter, and Youtube without all the techno talk. His keep it simple approach has created a one of a kind word of mouth spread with local businesses.
This Teleseminar will help you uncover the myths about leveraging social media but also share with you some result-oriented strategies to effectively leveraging online technology & Make MONEY by teaching you...
       1.    What social media is...and what it is not...and why if you aren't leveraging it you are leaving a ton of $$ on the table.
    2.    The biggest mistakes individuals make on Twitter and Facebook that do more harm than good.
    3.    Why humanizing your brand on these networks is important, and how to effectively create your own branding strategy.
    4.    How to leverage Facebook and Twitter to build high quality, highly targeted and effective relationships in minutes...not days.
    5.    The one thing you must have set up for social media to effectively work for you (to make money). 
    6.    The mindset you must adopt if you want to be successful using this powerful technology for your business;
    7.    Why building a social media platform is so important and what to keep in mind as you implement your strategy.
    8.    Real life case studies illustrating to you the power of this technology as a marketing tool.
    9.    The one question you should ask any social media expert before you decide to work with them.
    10.    The 8 tips every social networker must know before using this powerful technology for their business.
           So if you're a author, entrepreneur or someone wanting to change careers then you need to be on this's really that a simple.

This Teleseminar will help you uncover the myths about leveraging social media but also share with you some result-oriented strategies to effectively leveraging online technology & Make MONEY by teaching you...
We Know There's a Ton Of Stuff Coming at You But Don't Be Fooled...This Is a One of Kind Seminar You Don't Want To Miss!
                                                    The cost for this 1-hour Teleseminar is only $17 - which comes with an ebook
and as a BONUS > an additional Q&A Session one week after this session
(so you can digest everything)
Teleconference phone number  & ebook will be delivered after payment is made.

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Go here to sign up: Over 40 Social Media Teleseminar
See you Thursday, Oct. 7 at 9 pm EST
(teleconference will be recorded and you'll get a the mp3 even if you can't make the live call!)

Hear Ralph & Pam podcast, click below:

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Dianne said...

great post!

Kevin Beamer said...

You've got a good organization. A lot of people really know how to use resources that are already in front of them. One these, is internet. A contractor leads the business by maximizing resources and is open to new paradigm. Social networking is one of the new tools of marketing. But not everyone knows how to use the tool properly. It is not just by flooding the news feed; it will just lead to distractions. There are proper ways of marketing through internet and social media.
I thank you for your post. At least now I know whom to run to when I start my business.

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

You're' welcome! The replay is available and the notes. Just go to:

3 John 2.

Pam Perry, YOUR PR Coach!


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