Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Reach the Readers

Twenty Five Ways To Promote Your Book
1. Articles
2. An AWESOME author Bio
3. Banners
4. Blogs
5. Blogtours (guest post coming up on that!)
6. Business Cards
7. Brochures
8. Calendar

9. Databases
10. E-zines
11. Flyers to give out everywhere to everyone!!
12. Greeting & Note Cards
13. Letterhead that POPS!
14. Labels for your mailings of books to reviewers & media
15. Media Kits
16. Manuscripts (First chapters for advanced reading copies)
17. Newsletters
18. News Releases
19. Postcards (Km Brooks was a master at this)
20. Posters
21. PR coach
22. Reviews on Amazon
23. Stickers that say “Local Author” to put in your local bookstores!
24. T-shirts “Ask me About My Book”
25. Web sites with a landing page! SEE VIDEO BELOW!!

See too and join!


Anonymous said...

This is really a nice post. Obviously, you are putting a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd come back here more often.

jo said...

Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

Thank you. I know what it's like trying to get "eyeballs" and "ears" to your creative work. Glad I can be a blessing. Click all the links!

The Adventures of Princess Zaria said...

Great tips, Pam.


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