Monday, September 13, 2010

TV Publicity Tip: Getting What You Want By Giving Producers What They Want

  What’s better than having your name in “lights?”
How about having it on a site that’s seen by the 100,000,000+ viewers of a national TV show? BRAND LIKE A SUPER STAR!
Home page of The Morning Show on FOX promoting my TV appearance
Home page of The Morning Show on FOX promoting Sanyika TV appearance

When you use TV publicity to add value to the viewers and give the producer what they want - a great show with an “edu-tainment” factor - then in return you get what you want…

… to promote your message, book, business, and brand on TV so that you can sell more books, attract more clients, and gain the visibility and creditability you deserve.

Want to make a TV producer’s job easier?
Sure you do. 

Here’s how….
Make sure your pitch has at least 2 of the 5 core ingredients of a great segment:

1. Timely - Make a tie-in to what the media is already covering. Connect what you do, with what they want to know more about.

2. Relevant - “Know the show,” that’s the mantra of the media, be sure that your segment idea is appealing to the target audience of the show you’re pitching it to.

3. Controversial/Conversational - Going against the grain can earn you on-camera time. But don’t try to be controversial just for argument sake, be sure that you can give solid reasons for the point of view you’re presenting.

4. Compelling/Interesting - Make the producer (and therefore the viewers) care about what they’re seeing/hearing. Human interest is a powerful way to create a compelling television segment.

5. Visually Appealing - Television is a visual medium so the more you can “show and tell” the easier it is to convey your points to the people watching. Think of fun ways you can bring the idea you’re pitching to life with props, demos and samples if possible.

Strive to include 2 to 3 of these elements in your next pitch and you’ll get what you want - invited to appear on a television show and free publicity - when you give producers what they want - valuable information they can share with their viewers. It’s a total WIN-WIN.

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Zack Isaacs said...

This is one of the best posts related to TV that I've ever seen.

Great job, Sis. Pam! :)


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