Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Shortcuts to Social Media Success and Book Sales with Antonio Crawford

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Social Network Marketing by Antonio L. Crawford

Social network marketing is the process of advertising, promoting and selling ideas, concepts, beliefs and philosophies in a social environment. Social networks provide the economic and communal algorithm that people need to network with others, chat, share resources, and spread word-of-mouth information.

Coupled with personal benefits and a positive sales message, word-of-mouth information provides a low-cost marketing solution to help authors advertise and promote their books. Word-of-mouth is a marketing vehicle to transport ideas, reach prospects and advertise products or services to the public.

Why is this information important? If we create our own super highway, or join an existing social network – it is possible to provide the means by which others will interact with others to exchange money for merchandise.
The dynamics behind social marketing is vague to many people. Traditional executives and inexperienced infopreneurs know little about the synergy and potential growth embedded in the center of a social network.

Executives hire marketing firms to penetrate and exploit the network’s infrastructure. Info-preneurs rely on publishers, and other professional consultants to design a unique marketing approach to sell more products.

It is unfortunate that most traditional marketing consultants use out of date guerilla tactics that are designed for mainstream marketing. They are unaware of the power found in social networks. Most of the marketing tactics used by the traditionalists are linear expressions and do not provide the author with a deeper-rich understanding of how to market in multi-networks. As a result, both top executives and the infopreneur receive a small percentage of what could possibly be earned. -  
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