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Black Publishing Expert, Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, Karen Hunter

 I recently interviewed Karen Hunter about her new book, Stop Being Niggardly. WOW. She is awesome. A real gracious lady and a "thinker" who is really making a mark on the world. Hear the interview, click below. It'll blow you away!

HunterKaren Hunter
Don’t fight over a few crumbs of a slice of pie. Be a pie maker.


This Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is one of the most sought-after collaborators in publishing. She is also one of the most sought-after voices in America. She has recently parlayed her successes into her very-own imprint—Karen Hunter Publishing—a division of Pocket Books at Simon & Schuster.

She launched her first book, “Why Black Men Love White Women,” in October of 2007, and will follow with a string of provocative non-fiction titles, some gripping fictions, and a couple of celebrity memoirs.

Karen made her name penning autobiographies for celebrities, churning out numerous best-selling and critically acclaimed books including: I Make My Own Rules (1997) with LL Cool J, Ladies First (1999) with Queen Latifah, Al on America (2002) with Rev. Al Sharpton, Wendy’s Got the Heat (2003) with nationally syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams. Her books, On the Down Low (2004) with AIDS activist JL King and Confessions of a Video Vixen, forced a nation to deal with issues that had long been overlooked. Karen has also co-authored Raising Kanye with the mother of rapper Kanye West and Balancing Act, a novel with the ex-husband of Terry McMillan.

In addition to her writing, Karen was a radio talk-show host on a New York City morning show for three years. She is currently a Distinguished Lecturer at Hunter College, where she has served as an assistant professor in the Film & Media Department for the past five years. She was also an adjunct professor at New York University for three years.


Description: nig·gard·ly (adj.) [nig´erd-le]

1. stingy, miserly; not generous
2. begrudging about spending or granting
3. provided in a meanly limited supply

If you don’t know the definition of the word, you might assume it to be a derogatory insult, a racial slur. You might be personally offended and deeply outraged. You might write an angry editorial or organize a march. You might even find yourself making national headlines

In other words, you’d better know what the word means before you pour your energy into overreacting to it.
That’s the jumping-off point for this powerful directive from Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author Karen Hunter. It’s time for the black community to stop marching, quit complaining, roll up their collective sleeves, channel their anger constructively, and start fixing their own problems, she boldly asserts. And while her straight-talking, often politically incorrect narrative is electrifyingly fresh and utterly relevant to today’s hot-button issues surrounding race, Hunter harks back to the wisdom of a respected elder—Nannie Helen Burroughs, who was ahead of her time penning Twelve Things the Negro Must Do for Himself more than a century ago.

Burroughs’s guidelines for successful living—from making education, employment, and home ownership one’s priorities to dressing appropriately to practicing faith in everyday life—teach empowerment through self-responsibility, disallowing excuses for one’s standing in life but rather galvanizing blacks to look to themselves for strength, motivation, support, and encouragement.
From our urban communities to small-town America, the issues Hunter is bold enough to tackle in Stop Being Niggardly affect us all. Refreshingly candid and challenging, certain to get people everywhere talking, this is the book that takes on race in a new—yet also historically revered and simply stated—way that can change lives, both personally and collectively.

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