Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This is it: The #1 Solution to make 2010 better than 2009! Social Media Marketing Teleseminar



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I'm giving away my secrets about online branding & PR!

Get the free "Be The Media" mp3 download of David Mathison (author of Be the Media) with Pam Perry (of Ministry Marketing Solutions) discussing Web 2.0, PR trends and new media techniques.


David Mathison is an internationally recognized media expert with more than 20 years experience in content distribution. Some of the world's largest - and smallest - publishers use his solutions to directly connect with massive audiences for maximum exposure. His legacy provides global citizens with free news, financial data, audio and video information on the web's most popular sites.

Hey, you are going to love this!

Have you ever wondered why some artists, authors and entrepreneurs make a fortune, while others struggle financially?

Would you like to learn how to boost your business, spread your message to more people, and earn a lot more money based on your expertise, products, or services - without a lot of work or expense?

Well, I have great news. I'm doing a YEAR-END special teleseminar next Tuesday, Dec. 15 that will tell you how to market yourself like a media pro.

In this teleseminar you'll learn how to:

  • Infuse your traditional PR methods with new social media tools
  • Create PR campaigns that will extend your reach and coverage
  • Raise your online visibility and drive website traffic

This teleseminar will be loaded with practical advice and will include a downloadable workbook that will be your social media guide for 2010!

In other words, it's a terrific handbook for promoting your business, your ministry, or your book with the same level of professionalism a publicist might employ.

This YEAR-END Teleseminar with me will be the best way to learn how to "reinvent" yourself, brand better and help you build out your platform for the new decade!

Don't miss this important teleseminar and learn how to:

Self-publish your book, podcast, video, blog and leverage internet syndication, create radio and television shows and promote on social networks

Control your future by developing multiple streams of income from diversified sources

Deploy surprisingly easy strategies to get massive publicity and tons of media exposure

Discover simple things you can immediately do to dramatically increase the profit you make from your books, products and services

I will reveal my secret on how to get on the first page of google!

Order now, and get FR.EE one-hour mp3 of me and David Mathison, author of "Be The Media." You'll learn how Mathison pre-sold 5,000+ books on Twitter and secured a slot on the radio dial with a major network through Facebook.

But wait. There is even more!

Get The Synergy Energy book by me and the Obeys.


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You will be glad you did!

PS: I am so confident that you will be satisfied with this mp3 teleseminar that I am offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So, you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

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Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert




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