Monday, August 17, 2009


Author Michelle McKinney Hammond told American Christian Writers/Detroit years ago that "writing the book is only five percent of the work...selling and promoting the book is the other 95 percent."

The real work begins after the book comes out. There are tons of books and websites to help you get started. One book, "1001 Ways to market Your Book" by John Kramer is one of the best. Go to or any local book store.
If you need your own PR Coach, contact or I can refer you to PR colleague.

Here's a few tips to get you started:

>The first thing is get the American Christian Writer tapes on "Promoting Your Book." Go to (or call 1-800-21-WRITE). Tapes are $5.

=> Have an attractive book cover designed...SEE
=>Arrange for good distribution into bookstores- wholesaler or distributor
=>Hold author book signings at unusual places as well as book stores
=>Send press kits to local papers along with the book
=>Get interviews on religious radio stations and cable talk shows
=>Write articles in newspapers, magazines and on the internet – Get the Sally Stuart Christian Writers Market Guide to know where to send query to: get it at to get the current edition
=>Become a speaker (Get training and join professional speakers' groups)
=>Set up a website & BLOG and do back links (Join social media sites too!)
=> Send out review copies (budget 5-10% of first printing for giveaways)
=>Print Tshirts and other apparel with cover of book on giveaways on radio
=>Call-in to radio talk shows. Go to National Religious Broadcasters or ICRS (formerly CBA) conventions and meet major broadcast producers like Focus on the Family, 700 Club, Life Today, Daystar

So, get to work.

See too and join!

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