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3 things you should ALWAYS do if you want to get great publicity

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This is an article from a PR colleague of mine. She is an awesome media coach. If you need media training or need a "spokesperson" for some camera work, Monique Caradine is the one. She's out of Chicago and taking over the town with her publicity power tips - because she knows media. She's been in the radio industry there and does a regular TV show.

Here's what Monique said about getting GREAT publicity:

As a TV and Radio host for the past decade I have always taken great pride in being hands on with my shows. Whether it's reading press releases, personally answering pitch calls or booking guests, I like to be closely involved in every aspect of my show! That's one reason why I'm so passionate about helping leaders like you learn how to interact with the media. I happen to know first hand what techniques can help you build valuable media relationships which can lead to great publicity and what mistakes can put you on the media's "DO NOT CALL" list!!!!

So if you understand the value of getting media exposure and you see yourself as an expert with a valuable message, here are 3 things you should ALWAYS do to foster get great publicity.

1.) Have a strong opinion.

People who are "luke warm" on issues are seen as useless in today's media. This is one thing that frustrates me about politicians! Too many people are afraid to take a position on issues for fear of being deemed "politically incorrect." My advice? Take a stand! Refuse to play it safe! When you engage the media on a topic--especially if you're an expert--don't be afraid to state your position and stick to it! This technique helps you quickly become a highly sought after expert guest.

2.) Show your personality.

As your publicity efforts begin to pay off and you find yourself on TV and radio, remember to always "keep it real." Never go on the air with a fake or manufactured persona just because you think you have to "act professional" for the cameras! Sure you should present yourself professionally but always bring the real YOU to every interview opportunity. I love it when my guests do this! You give yourself a huge advantage when you show your true personality because your host, the viewers and the listeners connect with you and most importantly, they remember what you have to say!

3.) Keep an open-mind.

I recently invited a physician to be a guest on my show to talk about an issue that I know she is passionate and knowledgeable about. Unable to reach her by phone, I contacted her via email. I like to keep my emails short so I didn't go into specifics about the exact topic I wanted her to discuss in hopes that she would call back wanting to learn more. Instead, the physician replied to the email and flatly turned down the chance to get free publicity for herself and her struggling practice.

The doctor was obviously unclear about how she would have added to the show, but she didn't even call to get clarity on the topic or offer other ideas for topics that could have created publicity opportunities for her! What a loss! The bottom line is: keep an open-mind. If a reporter contacts you and you don't think you can add to the discussion, think twice. Don't be afraid to say "I may not be the best expert to discuss 'abc' but I can offer some great insight on 'xyz...' Remember, producers, bookers and hosts, are always on the look out for great topics and guests. Don't be so closed-minded that you miss your opportunity to not only become a resource but to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them as well!

Monique Caradine is an award-winning TV/Radio personality turned entrepreneur. As president of Momentum Media Group, she helps women business owners harness the power of media to move their businesses forward.

Based in South Suburban Chicago, Momentum Media Group specializes in Media Training and Publicity Coaching & Consulting. Monique's clients have appeared on local and national news networks, magazines, newspapers and radio stations.

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