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Opt Out of the Recession in Less Than a Month - Here's Your Financial Roadmap! ♦ MEDIA CONTACT: Pam Perry, ♦ 248.426-2300

President Obama Declares Hope Over Fear
New Book and 28-Day Challenge Also Touts
Financial Future Hinges on Words of Faith

Atlanta, GA (February 4, 2009) – Though the world is in an economic crisis, Andre Butler has decided to “opt out” of this recession. President Barack Obama in his inauguration speech told America to choose hope over fear. Butler agrees that having an attitude of hope and active faith is what this country needs to overcome its financial woes.

With a new book, NOT IN MY HOUSE: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future (Higher Life, $14.99, Feb. 5, 2009), Butler has declared no fear, no debt and no recession will affect him or anyone else who embraces this faith-filled message.

Butler, 32, who is known for his cutting-edge ministry, is the poster child of how to prosper in a declining economy.

While others are scaling back, his ministry is expanding with new media projects, satellite churches and national conferences. Because of the message that is being shared by Butler, hundreds of written testimonies about financial blessings come in as a result.

With over 95% of Believers in debt and the economy witnessing the worst job market, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates since the Great Depression, Butler’s groundbreaking book is the watershed word needed to bail out individuals drowning in debt and suffering from fear caused by economic uncertainty.

Butler is mission-motivated and passionate about building up the hope, faith and expectations of Believers to not only survive these perilous times – but thrive in them.

“With unemployment rates rising and bankruptcies rippling the nation, people are in a state of panic. They are looking for hope and guidance. I want to show them, through the Word of God, the fail-proof methods that are tested over time that will empower them flourish financially –despite what is going on in the world’s economy,” said Butler.

“Having hope is just the beginning,” continued Butler. “Learning God’s Word, ways, having faith and activating that faith – consistently – is what will make individuals recession-proof.”

In his book, NOT IN MY HOUSE: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future (Higher Life, $14.99, Feb. 5, 2009), Butler shares with readers how to prosper in a declining economy by:

• Switching banking systems and relying on the one banker who will never fail you
• Teaching God’s money management principles
• Explaining how to create an environment for “super natural” debt cancellation
• Inspiring God ideas that will lead to multiple streams of income
• Illuminating the scriptures on finances that will lead to increase

Not only is Butler providing spiritual instruction, he is offering practical guidance by partnering with one of the nation’s premiere personal finance coaches; author, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. She penned the New York Times best-seller, “Zero Debt” and will have free materials on the ministry’s website (

In addition, Butler is advocating readers to take the “28-Day Challenge” outlined in the book. This Challenge will begin at his church, Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, GA on Feb. 15 and includes Khalfani-Cox being the Sunday speaker and workshop leader on Sunday, March 8.

Declaring war on debt and building up faith is what the 28-Day Challenge is intended to do. “I want the world to take notice that Believers are being blessed in the midst of a crisis. When they see us not only surviving – but thriving – they’ll be encouraged and inspired to follow God’s ways too.”

About the Author: Andre Butler is a husband, father, author and an award-winning pastor with 13 years in ministry with 13 books. He is president of Andre Butler Ministries (www.AndreButler.TV) and senior pastor of the 4,000-member church, Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, GA and co-pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan.

A seasoned media guest, he has appeared on The Word Network, Christian Television Network, TCT and Atlanta Live. He is currently seen weekly on and which is streamed worldwide on the internet and inspires thousands more with his bi-monthly video email messages. In addition, Butler is also the creator the popular family-board game, The Prosperous Touch and travels the globe preaching the Word of faith.

Take the 28 Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future

By Andre Butler (Higher Life) * Release: February 5, 2009 $14.99 * Trade Paperback Original, 182 pages
ISBN: 9-780-97932-273-0 *
Foreword by Kate McVeigh and glowing endorsements by Minister Catherine Eagan, Bishop George Davis, Tim Storey, Dr. James Pierce and more....
Available in fine stores, on the ministry website and on

NOTE: Pastor Butler will be debuting his new book that offers FREE bonus downloads on Sunday, Feb. 8 at Word of Faith International Christian Center at the 8 and 10:30 a.m. services. Go to

There is hope in your future, says the LORD. //Jeremiah 31:17

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