Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Features to Make Your Book More Valuable & Picked up by The Media

Writing the body of your book may take up most of your thought process, but don’t forget to add extra features that can give your readers a deeper understanding of your book topic. Your book will be the beginning of their journey, and you should help them by sharing the wisdom that you have gained as you researched for your book.

1. Quotes from great leaders and stars who relate to your book can add validity
and spark extra interest in your book or press materials!

2. Statistics that show the shocking truth
about your book topic can show the
reader how important it is for them to read your book today.

3. Survey results from your research will show how many other people think,
act, or feel a certain way. This will keep the reader from feeling alone, and
encourage them to seek further information on your topic.

4. Interesting facts or history can draw the reader in and help them see how
your topic has a broad reach to people and lasting power through time.

5. Case studies always help readers understand how the average person would
use your book to fulfill a need.

6. Reference books that you would suggest
the reader look into for more
information will help them put more pieces of your topic together.

7. Helpful organizations such as clubs and support networks will give the reader
the opportunity to network with other people with similar interests.

8. Useful tools or software to use, especially on the computer, are always
welcome. Readers like to know how they can be successful and they need the
tools that you know can help them reach their goals.

9. Powerful questions and answers that may be controversial or taboo can be a
huge selling point for your book. If the reader knows that they will find the
answers to questions they have wanted answered, they will value your book
as something that could possibly change their life.

10. Websites that you know will aid the reader in further research or enjoyment of
the topic will be greatly appreciated. The Internet is a large place, so any help
with navigating through the wealth of information that you can provide will be
a great addition to your book.

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